Are iphone users generally less tech-savvy than android users?

Don't know if it's me, but it seems to me that iPhone users are generally less tech-savvy than your average Android user. Techies, in general, seem to have a bit of an aversion to Apple products it seems.

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  • I honestly cant tell the difference between an I phone 7 to whatever number they are on now.

    Functionally they are all the same (minus the aux cord because apple has to be assholes)

    I don't see the hype in upgrading a phone every time a new one releases. I upgrade my phone to whichever phone is 1-2 generations higher and costs like 400$ every 3 years or so.

    Pretty much I use it until I break it and then buy someone else's phone who's upgrading to the next new peice of shit.

    Never apple though

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  • I have known Apple fanboys who appeared to be not complete dolts when it came to tech, but I believe there's a fair amount of truth in what you say.

    As far as I'm concerned, anyone who chooses to fork out for an Apple product is demonstrating that they're highly susceptible to advertising and peer pressure; those who camp out in front of stores in the run-up to the latest iPhone release are just fucking whacko cult members.

    There's a great expression in Britain: "He/She has more money than sense." That's your typical iPhone owner.

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  • The moment you buy something inflated just because it has a brand stamped on it without knowing its specifications and cost-benefit, you are buying for the brand itself.

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  • Apple products are for sheep who can't think for themselves.

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  • Yes cause siri dose 99.99% of everything they do for them.

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  • Apple products are made to be easy to use, and it does wonderfully at it.

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  • Iphones have a specific security feature that makes them a requirement for certain industries where higher level security than normal is required. By design, Android cannot have that level of security.

    Other than that, there are no general advantages to Iphones; and a disadvantage that Apple will stop upgrading them (Or not allow newer versions of apps like Skype to function on them) after about 5 years.

    I had an Mac-book Pro laptop and my wife and I had Ipads and all of them became functionally useless by Apple not allowing newer versions of common apps to run on them.

    I still have an Iphone for one of my phone numbers; but use Androids for the other phone numbers. I have multiple businesses and have separate phones for most of them.

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  • Yeah. It's not a hard and fast rule, and I personally have a close friend who is a designer who really knows her shit with tech, and says that apple products work better for her business. I'd say she's one of the exceptions to the rule.

    On the whole, I'd agree with OP.

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  • Ive always used android. I thought about buying an iphone recently but I looked at the specs and felt that I was not getting much bang for my buck. With android you can have very fast processing speeds for cheap.

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  • i’d say yes, but not because of the “iphone bad” reason. i think apple products are a lot easier to use than android products for those that aren’t accustomed to modern technology.

    i used to be an android user, but i’ve had an iphone 7 for the past 5 or so months. i prefer the iphone’s interface, but i miss the amount of customization that android brought. it’s a double-edged sword

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  • all those who now rely on tech for all their answers are less savy than those who use their brains, in todays world we dont think for ourselves but allow tech to decide for us and that is one reason why the government is able to mandate things that are not law and against the constitution

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