Are demons real?

Do you believe in demons? Are they on Earth?

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  • head on down to the dodge dealership

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  • NO! Are you a mormon? My landlord is and told me the world is full of satanic demons: when I told him I'd never seen any he said they're invisible!

    There are definitely some evil people in the world, but they're human, not demonic.

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  • You mean coworkers?

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  • Nope.

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  • I think they are. I do believe in all sorts of beings and creatures.

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  • You’ll never know I guess
    Im really afraid of ghosts even though I don’t know if they exists, so i just stay away from creepy places and I’m good

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  • Yes they are examples are calegula, nero, hitler, sadam hussain, bin ladin danold trump and maduro. I could keep going but ain't got time.

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  • Yes

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  • Have you met my father in law?

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  • I've had many spiritual experiences. Managed to record odd things etc... But demons... Nothing is like in the movies!
    Spirits aren't strong enough to physically harm us. Demons of course are very powerful IF real but RARE in that case and I think for you to attract one you have to be a very deeply negative person with very dark thoughts AND prone to dabble in things related to spirituality.
    And no they're not "on earth". Any spirits, demons are on a different dimensions but all dimensions exist at the same time and in the same place only on different vibrational frequencies.

    But it's up to each and everyone to believe what they want to. I'm just saying that science has proven the existance of energy, the fact that we can manifest things with our own thoughts and that different dimensions at least very likely exist.

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  • My religion says there are.
    Have I seen any? No.
    But Ive seen evil in people that defies rationality.
    If they dont have some demonic influence I dont know how else to explain their actions.
    One small example.
    The vegas shooter:
    He was a rich white man.
    What lead him to think it was a good idea to end his life, and while he was at it kill, cripple, wound, and permanently disfigure as many strangers as he could?
    Thats just evil.

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    • The vegas shooter was a total false-flag. They have no video of him loading all that ammo into his room or any explanation why he did it.

      That being said yes, demonic shit is real.

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  • There's no such things as demons. Quit asking stupid questions.

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  • Gods and demons exist only in the heads of people who don't understand the basics of physics, biology, probability and psychology and need an explanation for all the stuff they see happening around them.

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  • Smokeverything.
    I wont say the news is not corrupt.
    It is.
    But my point was the evil that would lead any healthy person outside of a combat situation to just go and kill people.
    Thats evil.

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