Approximately how many hours a week do you work?

Just wondering what the average amount of time people spend at a job per week is. Where do y'all work and do you like where you work?

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  • I work 40 hours a week at Target in their Market department. Due to mistakes by the higher ups, I was the only person in that department doing the jobs of three people. I actually kind of liked it though. We got a new guy recently that works hard, and they're not planning on adding anyone else to that department due to the fact that our store location is closing soon. They gave everyone there an option to transfer to one of three Targets or to take severance pay. I'll be transferring to another Target. I'm going to miss that place. I've been working at that building since 2006.

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  • You should add options for retired, disabled, and homemaker, or stay at home mother/father. Not everyone who doesn't work is unemployed.

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  • At the moment 40 but I got a small job offer at a pet groomers and will start training soon which is something I want to do so I’ll probably enjoy it, after all I’ll be surrounded by dogs and cats so idk if I’ll be able to complain. I’ll be working every day between the two jobs but doesn’t sound bad to me I enjoy working and learning new things plus extra moneys never a bad thing. Sometimes at the job I have now I work extra shifts anyways.

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  • I work 33hours a week in a trade union of workers and I like it though it a little depressing sometimes when you can't solve some problems. I used to work in a trading company (for 11 years) but just recently quit. I wish I had taken law courses, that would have been very beneficial. I really enjoy my job.

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  • I'm a nanny.

    I've worked up to 60hrs a week in the past. Never again. I hated it. I've also workedwhere I had three families in one day, so something like 6:30/7-9/10, 12-3, 4-8/8:30. It was exhausting, too.

    Most recently, I was working two 10.5 - 11hr days, and one split day of 2hrs and 3.5hrs. I enjoyed that. It's hard work, physically and emotionally, and I don't really get breaks, but it's fun. I love my kids (99% anyway).

    I was recently on a three month vacation, having finished up with the families I was working with. I'm currently looking for 3-4 days a week, for one or two families. I think 3 would be ideal, because they're usually 10-12hr days. I can currently afford to be choosey. With luck, I'll find something before I can't afford that luxury.

    So I guess 30-35. Which is not in your poll :(

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  • I work 80 but 20 or so is farm work that I love and 30 is working with dogs which is not work at all.

    The other 30 I could hang myself at any given time without blinking, but it pays the rent.

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  • I work around 20 hours on weekends manning my store and anywhere from 20 to 40 hours during the week doing all the other work for the store (acquiring items, fixing/cleaning items, pricing, accounting, planning, all that sort of stuff). I think...I hope... I might be able to work less once I get more established but for now it's balls to the wall.

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  • 40-ish hours a week... Sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less... Managing a car dealership... You gotta be there from 9 to 5, but sometimes there is always that one idiot that comes at 4:50 and wants a test drive and to hear about lease options... So there are days, where you have to work up until 7. And then there are lazy days, where you do the proper boss thing and... delegate... You go home and leave the other employees to close up shop and you have some more time to enjoy a few cold beers.

    Tho my phone is always by my side, cause I also have my own gardening/ cleaning business, so I need to be available and be able to make and manage bookings and make employee plans. So you could say I am available for work from 8 in the morning to 8 in the evening, but I officially work from 9 to 5.

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  • Around 50 to 60 hours a week. Im a shopkeeper. I like my job but hate the location(lots of rude assholes here).

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    • Try selling Peugeots... Guy comes in, wants a test drive. Test drives a bland, boring crossover thing and then tells me it's shit and looks cheap... The fuck did you expect?! What idiot goes and test drives a 130hp FWD crossover and then goes "It's no good" Off course it's no good! Did you expect GTR performance, 918 exclusivity and a Dacia price tag... moron.

      PS: You can tell I love selling Peugeots...
      I've never own a Peugeot, I own 3 Mercedes and a BMW.

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