Anyone here into fitness?

Im pretty into lifting weights and fitness in general. I like to swap my routine every few weeks to keep my body from adapting. Im thinking about trying now to just strive for more numbers. It doesnt have to be max. For example try to get up the amount of times I can bench 225. See how fast of a setting I can run 30 minutes on a treadmill. And continuesly strive to get the numbers up and over time just focusing on the numbers alone will build better physique.

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  • Get those numbers up! Keep pushing yourself to be better. I personally think that unless you are going to be a professional Body Builder a person doesn't really have to worry about the muscles figuring out the routine. I could be wrong tho. Just keep having fun and being healthy! Good luck to you!!

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  • I used to be into it.

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  • Kind of though it's more secondary to what I really like doing, I wrestled/do martial arts & fitness is almost mandatory for both if you want to do competition.

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