Anyone following the search for brian laundry?

That Brian Laundry guy fiancé of murdered Gabby Petito is no where to be found

What do you think happened and where do you think is he?

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  • Have they tried the laundromat

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  • Not really; my guess is that he hiked clear of the swamp as soon as he was parked the car at the swamp parking lot; and then caught a ride (or took a bus, etc) out of State.

    I assume he's elsewhere, perhaps out of country, living under an assumed name.

    If he's careful he can avoid detection for decades, and perhaps his entire life.

    That is why he left his wallet and phone behind. He's starting over.

    I once researched how to disappear like this. It's not hard to do if you start with a month (or more) cash, and you are extremely careful on how you contact old friends and family. Example (pre-internet): Only call from a payphone in a major city airport, and keep the conversation short.

    Today, there here are various secure ways to communicate via the internet that are not possible to trace if you are careful.

    Burner cell phones can be acquired, activated, and adding minutes, etc, without ever identifying yourself. Used carefully, and in very public places (such as airports) from a distance of where you are actually living... works as well (and keep the calls under 10-15 minutes to prevent response time if the call is traced).

    And so on.

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  • I think they should water-board his parents. They know where he is.

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    • I really don't understand why people will risk everything to shield their loved one from consequences.

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      • Yeah, I would do a hell of a lot for my kids, but I wouldn't hide them from the law if they had brutally murdered their partner.

        That woman he killed was someone else's baby. They deserve closure. Any normal parent should be able to empathise. Plus there is a risk of him murdering other partners in the future.

        You can mother them whilst making sure they face the music. Visit them in prison. Pay for their lawyer. Send them cookies. Support them emotionally. You can do all of that without hiding them from the police. They know perfectly well what he did.

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  • He probably is going to off himself, if he hasn't already. All I know about the case is I guess Dog is after him, which sounds to me more like he is trying to avert attention from the falling out with his daughters, and the recent backlash due to him saying nigga.

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  • 80% chance he suicided. Though he may have done so in a remote area and not be found.

    20% chance he’ll make a break for it, but I’d bet on his being caught sometime soon.

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  • Laundry should move to Mexico and sell drugs there.

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