Anyone find this frustrating?

I found it frustrating on why the computer speakers didn't work and it took me a whopping 25 mins to get it fixed myself, I did a run around and tried figuring it out for myself.

Even then I still find diagnosing a computer speaker more frustrating

Do you guys relate?

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  • Depends.

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  • Haven't had that problem, but it would be frustrating if I had it. Not sure if that's the solution, but consider installing and running something called driver booster. Apparently when programs get too outdated, they can get problems

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  • Not really. I just fixed my 8 years old speakers by soldering a new capacitor(old capacitor in its circuit board had exploded).

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  • i had a bad speaker in a laptop recently

    it was 25 bucks for the new set with the harness and a half houra disassembly to get to em but cheaper than payin someone else to do the job

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