Anyone ever do ayahuasca?

There's a retreat in Peru I really want to go to, but before I buy my plane ticket I want others' input.

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  • You need to be extremely careful. You cannot trust every retreat as you are putting complete trust in the shaman and others present. You are effectively incapacitated, and there are reports of basically getting drugged and raped but using ayahuasca instead of ruphelin. So do your research.

    As for ayahuasca itself, you have to know that what it does is show you the parts of yourself you do not want to see. And you must surrender yourself to the experience. Ayahuasca will reveal to you but it will not accept for you, noe will it integrate the knowledge you gain into your life afterwards.

    So if you are going to, trip, or experience ego death, or solve all your problems, I would reconsider, or at least further your research.

    I believe that drugs come to you, not you to them. At least in terms of the psychedelics. Or rather you find each other.

    I don't mean to be so negative but many don't realize that this is often a 12 hour experience with one of the very most powerful hallucinogenic substances. And it is not for everybody.

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    • I appreciate the honesty. It seams to be something I would really like to do, but I will likely take a friend now that you mention the being raped part...I didn't think of that and it's a good point! I really want to have this experience for all the reasons you mentioned above, but I have been hesitant of where to go. I don't really see too many reviews at the retreats and don't want to end up in a lousy place. Have you or anyone you know done this before? Thank you for your response 😊

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      • temple of the way of light is one a youtuber I watch went to. This was last year so I don't even know if its the same people running it.

        I don't know if its better than nothing, but that's all I got.

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  • Have you seen the movie, 'The green inferno"? You'll be cannibalized and roasted like a pig! Stay home!

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