Anyone ever been led on?

I was in a relationship for 4 months and i feel like the whole time he was leading me on, convincing me that he was ready for a relationship. Broke up with me thursday after i addressed that he had completely shut me out. Sad times, i think im in the anger phase of grief lol

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  • It's possible he genuinely changed his mind, either you did something that was a deal breaker for him (and that can be a very individual thing), or he gradually found out you weren't as good as a match as he first thought. He may also have simply lost the feelings for you he had when you started (although I think some fade in those romantic feelings are normal and have to be tolerated). Thats not to say I'm blaming you, but I find it odd he should just plan to trick you from the start, and lots of things may come up

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    • Not that odd. Lots of narcissistic men out there, especially online. What they want is your attention and validation. And maybe sex, if they can get it. Their dealbreaker is abstinence. So tell a man you're abstinent in the first conversation: easy way to weed out those dick-thinker men who are only after "That One Thing" (One Direction = to the bedroom). They had no feelings for you in the first place. All they wanted was getting their dick wet and their ego stroked. That's it. No loss in losing a man like that.

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  • I suppose yes. I recently started talking to a guy I've been flirting with for awhile. My transfer at work got announced and I guess he decided to shoot his shot. Possibly because of personal stuff happening in his life(sorry can't go into detail on that) so we started talking wich I was excited about admittedly nervous wich may have made me come off somewhat distant. Anyways like 2 days later I get message from him seeing its not working out and not to contact him anymore. He gave his reason for it wich I appreciate but im not certain I beilive him.

    So idk it kinda feels like I was led on. Known the guy for like 6 months. Been flirty towards him for about half that. He said he's been watching me since the day I started so it's just like the heck

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  • You did the right thing to end a relationship with someone who wasn’t going to give you what you want, you deserve better than to be shut out.

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  • Happens to me lol I hate it been single for 4 years and every time I try a relationship this happens fuck my life lol

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  • Can't say I've ever been led on.

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  • Well look at the bright side: at least you found out pretty early on that he is not the one for you. Better to find out now, than 1 or 4 years later. You did a brave thing calling him out on his nonsense, and you gained clarity from that.

    For future endeavors, keep in mind you do not have to avoid other men or exclusively talk to only one man at a time. Talk with many men. Just talk though. Ask them about their life, communicate. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. If one man stops talking to you, that's his loss.

    And it's okay to still have feelings for him, and not be with him. That's normal. You can't just turn a feeling off. And you don't have to be with all men you have feelings for. Be selective.

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