Anyone else suffer(ed) from dysthymia/depression?

Would you happen to have any advice to help me out? Does sticking to a routine and/or working out help a lot? I’m a very isolated person. Have been through my whole life.

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  • Isolation only make things worse, it makes you used to very toxic habits.
    Working out helps a lot, try and get some sunlight everyday. If possible go for a bike ride,it makes you feel alive.

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  • Dunno what the first one is but I have definitely gone through bouts of depression. I sometimes go through phases of being extremely optimistic or euphoric to being depressed and hopeless, and then angry and bitter at the world.

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  • Pretty sure I suffer from it, i've taken a few quick tests for it in therapy over the years and scored extremely high on them. All I can say is avoid medication as much as possible, go to therapy reguarly either talking therapy or cognitive behavioural therapy, and set up goals for yourself. Start very small with goals so you do not disappoint yourself and give up. Set a goal to go outside for 15 minutes everyday or every other day for example, and then increase the time when you feel ready. Get plenty of sleep and try to go to bed and get up in the morning around the same times everyday. Exercise or do yoga or just walks, moving your body helps a lot. If you have some friends or a family member you can talk to, do that and they may help you out by going outside with you or at least be available for you to talk to.

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  • who do you think named it?

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