Anyone else has had nasal surgery on this site?

Im trying to find out more about the process before I do it. Probably gonna get my nose fixed in March. I have a pretty bad deviated septum and scar tissue in my airways. Ive heard the surgery is terrible.

Also how do i find out whos the best surgeon for the procedure? I would possibly be willing to fly out to get it done if I knew it was a good surgeon.

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  • I watch Botched. You should and you should make some research and prepare some questions when going for your first visit. And please do due diligence. Do not go for cheap.

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    • True, if you’re messing around with your face don’t penny pinch.

      I’ve been forced to watch a bit of botched in my time and find it endlessly ironic that Dr DuBrow ruined his face with excessive botox, he was ageing well until that.

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      • Definitely not gonna penny pinch on this. Im thinking about flying out to the best surgeon. I may even be able to get insurance to pay for it a doctor looked in my nose and said it looked like a grenade went off.
        Sincr its not really just cosmetic I need this surgery to breathe the doctor said my insurance would probably pay for it.

        The airway on my right nostril is closed shut from scar tissue then my left one my septum is blocking the hole. So I am addicted to nasal spray I have to apply it every 4 hours just to breathe out of one nostril. And ontop of that my nose looks like shit its visibly crooked. My shits a mess. Done procrastinating on it.

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        • My nose and upper lip were rebuilt at several weeks of age - in 1957 as experimental surgery (The Dr was from New York - and traveled to Madison Wi to operate on me).

          In my case if that experimental surgery was not possible the nursed would have handed me to my mother and told her that she could hold me until I died.

          One of the Dr's in the hospital had just returned from a medical convention where he had seen a presentation about experimental hair lip/cleft pallet repair and that the Surgeon was looking for "ideal" patients to continue his research on the techniques. That Dr. told the delivering Dr. and the Nurses to do everything possible to keep me alive as there was a chance... based on the presentation he had just seen; and he had to make a phone call to New York.

          I've had a half dozen ENTs look at what was done and just marvel that it was done in 1 round (they all say that it normally takes 2 rounds to make it look so good). They all can name the surgeon who did it as that surgeon is the one who invented this kind of surgery (the Father of hair lip and cleft pallet surgery).

          They all have marveled at what a master he was at it (they can tell by various minor scars where my nose used to be attached to my face, and how my lip was split and where it was attached, etc.

          Then they tell me that there is really not anything they can do for my minor inconvenient problems with my nose... that I would always have scars inside my nose and their effects (as such I have to pick my nose a lot as things "hang up" and will not clear as they do for most people).

          Your looking for a good ENT surgeon; and some of the best volunteer to go overseas and do ENT surgery in 3rd world countries for several weeks to a month at at time.

          Only the best get chosen for those trips.

          Not saying that you cannot find other good ENT surgeons. But if you can find one who volunteers for these trips... I'd go with them.

          I wish you the best with this...

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  • I had septoplasty and turbinate reduction when I was about 26. I was told that I would have pain and black eyes for 2 weeks or more but I only had mild swelling across my cheekbones and under my eyes: no bruising or serious pain. I wouldn't worry about it too much and just do it.

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