Any know about security cameras?

Im wanting to install security cameras and door/window alarms through my house because I work nights I worry about my family. But I have heard wifi cameras can be hacked and if I have cameras in my house I want them to be non-hackable or atleast very hard. Im thinking about getting wifi cameras outside but inside have wired cameras hooked up to a screen that sits in our bedroom.

Anyway if any9ne knows about security cameras and security systems let me knos.

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  • After you install it, pick up a competetors security sign picket and place it on your lawn. Throw off a would be thief into which security system you may have.

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  • change all passwords upon installation & initialization

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  • Generally the cameras that are "hacked" are just using default credentials or have no security. As donteatstuffoffthesidewalk says just change all passwords upon installation. Changing the default username is probably wise too.

    Hikvision cameras have had a few exploits in the past so perhaps avoid those. Best bet would be to search for an appropriate camera and just Google it to see if it has any known exploits. is a prime example of people not changing their default credentials.

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  • Make certain they actually record footage. I worked at a hotel and they didn't record the footage wuch made the whole system irrelevant. Make certsin the footage goes to a secure location as well.

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  • Oh you want to install them....never mind.

    Warm out today.

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