Any ideas for roleplay

My wife and I are planning to go for roleplay to add more spices in our sex life, we haven't tried before, please give me ideas based on your personal experiences, including planning for roleplay, days and etc..

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  • Well lets see, there are a few that you may find interesting. . .

    Pet play can be interesting, behaving like an animal to be commanded or tamed perhaps with a leash (Or tie) can be fun

    Another is behaving more primal, let the urges and hormones push you, one of you look at the other as a prey for your predatory instincts

    There is also a maid/butler roleplay, taking advantage of the one who is only there to serve your more basic needs.

    Not sure if you are this kinky, but there is also slave play, getting a bit of rope and tying the other up, tease and use their body enjoying the sounds they make as you do. (Just remember safety like safe words and to practice knots before hand)

    One more in the more kinky area and consent nonconsent (rape play). Keep in mind that you can say no and resist all you want but the dominant in this scenario doesn't have to listen. Safe words are very important when doing this, and if the one being "raped" is gagged then have some sort of gesture.

    Back to less kinky, there is always playing an escort, selling your body, it could be fun to make a menu too.

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    • Awesome ideas, we liked to hear from you, liked 1. Maid/butler 2. Slave, 3. Rape. But we would like to choose from which in reality couple/you have tried, there experiences during and after. And how they planned properly so we can try. Thank you so much for your reply. Please guide us properly based on your personal experience.

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  • Re-enact Luke Skywalker fighting Darth Vader on the platform and then say "Luke, I am your father" and have you partner scream "Noooo!" and fall off the bed!

    I should try this garbage with my girlfriend XD

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  • Dress as a baguette. Your partner can be the butter.

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