Any good acne products

I have discgusting, gross, oily, puffy, small and big acne all over my damn forehead. I am sick of it. I have tried "Neutragena, Biore, Cetaphil, Clean and Clear, Rapid Clear, Witch Hazel, Aveeno" and even more on my face. I use the products for 3 months and the reaults are always fcking the same. I still have acne and sometimes they even get worse. I asked doctors and they are useless. I have bought acne treatments over $40's and I am SOOO upset. Please give me some suggestions!!! I moisturize my face every morning and night , I wash my face with the benefit face cleanser and there is no good results. I'm running out of hope.. Please help :( Thank you.

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  • You are what you eat. The oil is normal depending on what you eat. Reducing oil in your diet will help and cutting out all refined sugars like soda, snacks, candy, and some foods will help you bring it under control... I quit drinking soda and most refined sugars and mine cleared up.

    Also, Doctors have prescription level acne solutions if it is out of control.

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  • I use Purity Made Simple by Philosophy.

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  • Yeah try Dermalogica!!

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  • Eat fruits vegetables

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  • -drink water
    -good diet
    -don't stop trying

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  • I have two suggestions based on what has worked for me:

    1: Go on a low-carb, high fat diet. Cut the sugar and see how your face reacts.

    2: If your skin is naturally dry, check how much potassium is your diet. You probably need to supplement it.

    And of course, drink lots of water.

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