Any good acne products

I have discgusting, gross, oily, puffy, small and big acne all over my damn forehead. I am sick of it. I have tried "Neutragena, Biore, Cetaphil, Clean and Clear, Rapid Clear, Witch Hazel, Aveeno" and even more on my face. I use the products for 3 months and the reaults are always fcking the same. I still have acne and sometimes they even get worse. I asked doctors and they are useless. I have bought acne treatments over $40's and I am SOOO upset. Please give me some suggestions!!! I moisturize my face every morning and night , I wash my face with the benefit face cleanser and there is no good results. I'm running out of hope.. Please help :( Thank you.

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  • Acne has more to do with hormones than anything else. You can follow the advice about making dietary changes. In my case, it helps. I only get a zit occasionally ever since I went vegan. Animal products create a hormone nightmare for your skin. Dairy is the worst culprit of them all. You're ingesting animal hormones meant to rapidly grow a baby calf. Most doctors aren't going to tell you flat out that food sensitivities cause acne, but I've seen way too many great before/after results when people change their diet. Refined sugar wrecks havoc on skin. Excess iodine can cause flare ups too. Chocolate as cacao powder (or cocoa form) won't cause acne. It's the fat and sugar they put in the candy form of chocolate that seems to be associated with acne flare ups.

    Drop all of those cheap crap facial cleansers you mentioned in the trash. They're all irritating to skin which could very well be contributing to more acne. Cetaphil is okay though. If you're scrubbing at your face though that could be causing worse acne. No scrubbing unless you're using a decent facial scrub to exfoliate. You should exfoliate.

    Here's what I use:
    Alba Hawaiian Pore Purifying Pineapple Enzyme Facial Cleanser
    Avalon Organics Intense Defense Cleansing Gel
    -----these two are gentle on your skin. You can wash as frequently as you like with them.

    For the pores, you want something containing salicylic acid which breaks down oil quickly. Just use it on the T-zone or areas prone to break outs.
    This one, I like --> Burt's Bees Natural Acne Solutions Purifying Gel Cleanser

    Facial masks? Be careful with them. You don't want to irritate your skin which can spark an acne flare up.

    Dermalogica (as mentioned already) and Murad are good lines.

    As for a moisturizer that for me doesn't flare up acne, I say try this one --> Andalou Naturals Acai & White Tea Oil-Free Moisturizer

    In my case, I love this moisturizer. Honestly, I don't think that oil in a moisturizer causes acne. No matter, this Andalou moisturizer is gentle. That's why I use it.

    How often do you wash your face?
    Some people are like only wash your face a couple times a day, right? Nonsense, I say! If you have oily skin, wash as frequently as you wish. In fact, use the Burt's Bees on the T-Zone throughout the day.

    For exfoliation purposes here's what I like:
    Alba Botanica Sea Algae Facial Scrub

    You don't really need toners/astringents. These tend to irritate. If you just want one? Witch Hazel is actually fine.

    Quick and dirty trick to behead an acne pustule? Use dental floss to pop the top of it off. Gently squeeze that crud out. Be very careful/gentle. Wash using the Burt's Bees gel. Pat dry. Relief!

    If a zit has no really obvious whitehead, leave it be.

    **Don't ever use the benzoyl peroxide stuff. It's supposed to be drying, but all it does is irritate skin basically contributing to more acne flare ups.

    Glycolic acid is fantastic for exfoliation. Here's more info as to what it does -->

    Here's a glycolic mask I like --> Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask

    More sunlight exposure seems to reduce acne. There's light therapy for acne. Google this, you'll see.

    If nothing works, or you want to really get down to business controlling acne, see a dermatologist.

    Okay, have to preach about the vegan diet again because it's true, as long as I do that, I have clear skin.

    Since you say, your flare ups are mostly on your forehead, if you have bangs, your hair might be irritating your skin. Oily hair may be causing acne. In that case, just grow out the bangs, and wash hair more often.

    I've probably covered all bases, lol.

    Hope this helps.

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  • You are what you eat. The oil is normal depending on what you eat. Reducing oil in your diet will help and cutting out all refined sugars like soda, snacks, candy, and some foods will help you bring it under control... I quit drinking soda and most refined sugars and mine cleared up.

    Also, Doctors have prescription level acne solutions if it is out of control.

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  • I use Purity Made Simple by Philosophy.

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  • Get a treatment prescribed from your doctor also

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  • I recommend 'clearasil rapid acne treatmentand 'thursday plantation tea tree face wash for ance' Love these products, literally cleared up my acne. Make sure you're always washing your hands, changing your pillow slips

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  • Yeah try Dermalogica!!

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  • Eat fruits vegetables

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  • -drink water
    -good diet
    -don't stop trying

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  • I have two suggestions based on what has worked for me:

    1: Go on a low-carb, high fat diet. Cut the sugar and see how your face reacts.

    2: If your skin is naturally dry, check how much potassium is your diet. You probably need to supplement it.

    And of course, drink lots of water.

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