Anxious about being sick

I have an internship that started recently and I had to call in sick my second week and then again now my fourth week... I never get sick so this is really bad timing...
I have a sore throat currently with a cough and headache. Its very hard to even get a dr appointment these days... You just keep getting "we are fully booked sorry"... Last night I went to an on-duty health clinic and all they did was test for bacterial strep throat and I dont have that. Then the nurse said that at that clinic they cant do any testing, I need to go to my regular clinic and when I told her its fully booked she had no answers. As usual.
So now im home and im not super ill but bad enough that I cant eat anything that isnt very easy on my throat and have to avoid anything that worsens mucus and just a short walk to the store (5 minutes) gives me really bad headache. I worry the boss at my internship will think im weak and no longer want to hire me which she has wanted to since she likes me. I cant stop worrying about this and relax. I drink a lot of ginger and honey, take vitamin supplements and eat soup and sandwiches. Something was going around at my internship when I started there but I dont know what... I did my best to not get sick but it didnt work😣

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  • I do indeed get anxious a lot about getting sick and it’s getting worse where I can’t even talk.
    Now it isn’t normaal to get anxious about being sick becuse most people just deal with it.
    But I totally get what it’s like to get really anxious about it there are a lot more people going through this.. everything will be ok ❤️

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  • I am sick all the time but still work. It sucks but it must be done.

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    • Why are you sick all the time?
      Yeah but in these times I wouldnt want to spread germs to others in case of covid. Or make bad impression at new internship by being low energy. :L

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