Anthony fauci emails

Buzzfeed released Dr Anthony Fauci's emails. Now its pretty well accepted that covid was almost certainly leaked from the wuhan lab. Fauci was speaking to the people who worked in the lab and was even funding them (he even lied to congress saying the wuhan lab got 600k when it was really 1.5 million dollars). Its clear by the emails that he knew that the virus came from there and the people running the lab thanked him for "downplaying it".

What doesnt add up to me is why did he recommend people not to use masks? If he's a disease specialist you'd think he'd understand better than most people that masks do work and since he knew the exact research they were doing he also knew exactly how the virus would spread. Also he did not want Trump to shut down travel from Wuhan. So why the hell did he tell people not to wear masks? And why did he protest Trump shutting down travel from the area?

With all the crazy leaks that come out lately like world leaders with epstein it just seems like this one isnt even worth discussing cause theres so much more interesting crazy shit happening. But this one is pretty big and weird.

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  • Chinese news said that if the usa does investigate the origins of covid china needed to stockpile nukes. If that doesnt look like "we totally did it and want zero repercussions by doing nuclear war against anyone who says we caused it"

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  • At this point everyone must know that covid 19 wasn't accidental; some china goof acidentally let it out. The usa was alsonfucking with it in Wuhan. All are to blame.

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  • I used to like Fauci now I think he's a douche. I think he's been covering his own ass because he's connected with the Wuhan lab. Now the fucker wants to come out with a book. Regarding the masks- The excuse given is that it was to preserve the PPE for the medical people or the public would be out panic buying. Yeah funny how he went from "The masks do no good" to "Wear two while outside jogging". I like watching the back and forth confrontations between Fauci & Rand Paul.

    It's kinda fishy that Covid 19 originated in China and was so well contained to that one area but leaked out to the rest of the world. Every other country's economies have suffered in the past year with the exception of China's.

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    • I'm very cynical about human nature in general. So I get a perverse sense of satisfaction when people demonstrate just how selective their memories can be and how they can very quickly twist their recollections of events they lived through so they conform to their distorted view of reality.

      Downplaying the use of masks by the public so the limited supplies were available to medical personnel was not an "excuse". It was a rational response to a situation where demand for all sorts of PPE skyrocketed far beyond to capacity of the global supply chain. In the space of a few weeks, the situation went from one where the only time masks were routinely used in hospitals was during surgery, to one where every single front-line person who came into contact with someone who appeared to have the virus wore PPE to protect themselves and their colleagues so they could continue to care for ill people.

      This was only a year ago, dude. You lived through this. Unless you spent that entire period watching only porn, cat videos or Fox "News", you must have seen at least a few news reports about national governments stabbing other countries in the back to get hold of PPE, and paying ridiculous sums to fly in quantities of PPE that would be burned through in a few days. Maybe you even saw fucking Mike Lindell promising that he'd convert his crappy pillow production line to making masks. Since it was just more typical Lindell BS, that never happened, but the fact that he got some air-time from that shows just how bad things were.

      As for China containing the virus, yeah, that is very strange, isn't it? Maybe it just possibly has something to do with the fact that China is a totalitarian fucking country, and when they impose lock-downs, they're fucking serious. From January to June last year, Wuhan was cut off from the rest of the country. For much of that time, virtually everything was closed in Wuhan and the streets were utterly deserted. The same rules were applied when the virus appeared in other cities and communities in China. So you didn't have a situation where ignorant, selfish, reality-denying idiots were out coughing and breathing in the faces of others. And guess what? Preventing people from passing around an airborne virus stopped the spread of that virus in its tracks.

      I'm sure you'd be happier blaming this whole mess on an evil plan by the nasty Chinese, but it's really not the fault of China that political leaders and the public all over the world failed to treat the pandemic seriously when it was in its early, potentially containable phase.

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      • You seem upset. Perhaps a better word would have been the "reason" rather than "excuse". Nothing to get riled about. I never stated whether I thought the reason behind it was right or wrong.

        You seem pretty eager to make assumptions about me.

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      • Not to play devils advocate and support conspiracy theorists Boojum, but you mentioned how the Chinese government ceased air travel from Wuhan within China but not abroad? Thoughts?

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        • My recollection is that it wasn't just air travel; all non-essential travel in and out of Wuhan was blocked.

          It's pretty damn obvious that China screwed up in the early weeks of the pandemic. To be as charitable as possible, nobody really understood how easily transmissible the virus is and how people without any symptoms can spread it.

          If people want to see everything China does as evil and part of plan to take over the world, then China's early reluctance (sometimes expressed in quite belligerent terms) to shut down international air travel fits into that narrative. But it seems to me that was actually the result of a combination of ignorance about the virus and the pressing need of the Chinese government to make its people and the world in general believe that they were in control of the situation. You may recall the case of Li Wenliang, the doctor who noticed in December 2019 that a novel virus was circulating in Wuhan, alerted other doctors in the area to this and was then punished for "rumour mongering" (and who later died of Covid at the age of 33). His case highlights the way the Chinese government - from top to bottom - deals harshly with those who dare to speak uncomfortable truths which conflict with the Party Line. At every level, politicians and administrators have a desperate need to make those above them believe that everything is under control and working as it should, and that makes the whole system vulnerable to catastrophic errors of judgement.

          Of course, it would have been possible for other countries to refuse to accept flights from China. But China's efforts to conceal the truth of what was happening because it was embarrassing to them combined with a whole lot of ignorance, serious concerns about the economic and diplomatic impact of stopping air travel from China and a huge heap of wishful thinking on the part of governments and the general public around the world meant this didn't happen.

          In any case, it's debatable how much a ban on flights on China would have affected the spread of the virus. Once the virus was out there in the world, a 9/11 style shutdown of all international travel might possibly have had some impact. But there is some (admittedly weak) evidence that the virus was already in Brazil and Italy in November 2019, and the first definite diagnoses of Covid outside China were about three weeks after China alerted the WHO to the virus on the last day of 2019 that they had discovered a form of "viral pneumonia" circulating in Wuhan. The USA (and some other countries) banned passengers who had recently been in China on February 1, but the virus was already circulating in the country by then, and a huge mess of factors then came into play which meant that it could happily spread itself around.

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      • Why would Fauci also not want to shut down travel from China? He knew exactly what this virus was and not only said dont wear masks but dont shut down travel from Wuhan... Its not only the masks its several things Fauci did that does not add up.

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        • Oh, I see now...

          Fauci was actually running the US Government the whole time. Trump was just a figurehead - a puppet under Fauci's control.

          Fauci _knew_ all about the virus right from the start, huh? So I guess that must mean he's the evil mastermind who designed the thing, and the lab in Wuhan was working under his direction?

          And Fauci was also secretly running Homeland Security and the Federal Aviation Administration, so he kept the flights coming into the USA from China because he wanted his evil creation to spread as fast as possible in the USA?

          What a very busy guy he must have been.

          Of course, there is an alternative explanation that does have some connection to reality: The Trump administration screwed up in all sorts of ways. Trump himself was incapable of comprehending the gravity of the situation - even though he had time to look at what was happening in other countries and draw lessons from that. Trump's habit of appointing people whose only real competence was in kissing his ass meant he got poor advice from those around him. Trump's fixation on keeping the economy steaming ahead because he believed that would win him the election meant he refused to impose federal lock-downs and refused to encourage governors to do the same. And Trump's personal vanity meant that he refused to wear a mask, which changed something that should have been common sense for anyone with an ounce of social responsibility into a huge political issue.

          I don't believe Fauci is a saint, and nor do I believe he's omniscient. But he is a competent scientist with much experience in public health and dealing with the spread of diseases. In this case, he was forced to work under a chief executive who was far out of his depth, knows virtually nothing about science or medicine, and who has a delusional belief that his gut feelings are always right.

          What we're seeing now is pure deflection by Trump and his fanboys. The few things that went reasonably well are all due to the wisdom of the Great Orange Leader, while the many things that didn't go well can all be blamed on Fauci.

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  • Gain of function testing where they take viruses and play with them to make super viruses. They purposefully took covid which was a bat disease and modified it to infect humans. This is kind of similar to the HIV virus which was also said to have "jumped species" from monkeys to humans. Is it possible that was actually another gain of function disease that was leaked?

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    • I disagree with your conspiracy theory and there is no evidence of it in the Fauci emails (he does suspect that the lab may have been investigating the viruses and that it may have leaked out from the lab).

      There is no evidence that the virus was manufactured in a lab (that has been looked at by many countries - spicing viruses leaves obvious signs in them).

      How the virus jumped from bats to humans is not known (and likely not knowable). They were possibly studying this new virus in that lab that had been found in local patients.

      Labs that deal with viruses are normally only studying them. Yes sometimes things leak our of the lab. It happens in the USA too (although not in some years, that I'm aware of).

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      • Fauci is even saying now that it probably came from that lab. It also just so happens in Wuhan they're doing gain of function research on the exact same virus with bats. Its all out there now they were in that lab making coronavirus cross from bats to humans. The same area the virus started. The same lab that Fauci got 1.5 million dollars in grants too.

        I could go on and on. Theres even more to it than that. Even CNN is saying that it came from the lab. The former CDC director, WHO, the media, even Fauci at this point.

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  • It's not a conspiracy any more that virus isn't an accidental spread but purposefully released. WHO keep backing out helping or doing anything with it. China keep rejecting to give permission to search the origin of it. Not just that, everytime there is a request after china denies it WHO comes out and claim other cannot do such requests from china. It's a total bull shit statement that china claims they have successfully control the situation in china because china is all ok but every single other countries aren't. That's impossible. No one is allowed to do post death research on any covid death bodies. Which Russia has done over ruling the orders and they announced they have found something that could lead to it's origin. What WHO did. Shut down their statement and project.
    If someone still thinks china is innocent on this thinking that innocent bat did it all who is at somewhere thinking wtf I did, they are deluted same as some people still thinks pandemic is a hoax

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  • Italians don't make good doctors.

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  • It may be "pretty well accepted that covid was almost certainly leaked from the wuhan lab" by OAN, Fox and everyone in your social media bubble, but that is not the current scientific consensus. Of course, it's entirely possible that the opinions of genuine experts don't matter to you.

    China is being far from open about what happened in Wuhan and that's very unfortunate and short-sighted on their part. But there is no solid evidence - so far - that the changes in the virus which allowed it to jump species were man-made. The peculiarities in the structure of the virus which some have jumped on as proof of this are known to also happen naturally in other coronaviruses.

    Also, your use of the phrase "was leaked" implies that you believe this was a deliberate act. I wouldn't completely disagree with you if you said that the Chinese government is evil, but it would require a very peculiar combination of evilness and idiocy for a government to decide to test a potentially virulent, deadly virus by releasing it into one of its own major cities.

    If you want to believe that China is uniquely wicked and incompetent, that's fine. But before you get too comfortable on your high horse, you might want to consider that the noble government of the good ol' USA did things in the 1950s which mean you have at least a few atoms of radioactive Stontium-90 in your bones and teeth, and that same government denied for years that atmospheric tests of nuclear weapons posed any danger at all to the American public.

    As for the use of masks by the public, of course Fauci realised that the spread of an airborne virus would be limited if everyone wore masks. He also understood that the global supply chain for masks wasn't capable of immediately supplying the number of masks that would require. Very reasonably, his priority was making sure that those caring for those with the virus were protected as much as possible so the entire medical system didn't collapse due to those workers picking up the virus from patients, spreading it to others when they weren't at work, then becoming so ill that they couldn't work, were possibly hospitalised themselves and then possibly died.

    This really isn't rocket science, dude. In the consumer society we live in, it's easy to forget that almost everything we buy has a long, invisible supply chain behind it. There is not an infinite supply of whatever we feel like buying today. And if millions and millions of people suddenly decide that they all want to buy the same thing, the system which provides raw materials to the manufacturers of the product, the manufacturers themselves and the transport and distribution between factories and consumers can't instantly shift to supplying that demand.

    Fauci has become a hate-figure for Trumpers and others on the lunatic-right fringe, but it's absurd for them to suggest that he was alone in advising the public not to wear masks. On February 27, the Trump-appointed head of the CDC said at a hearing on Capitol Hill that the public should not wear masks. On February 29, Trump's Surgeon General Tweeted “STOP BUYING MASKS!” On the same day, Pence said at a news conference, that the “average American does not need to go out and buy a mask.”

    The official advice changed a few weeks later, but that's what happens when scientists and governments are confronted by a novel situation which they don't completely understand and where things are changing rapidly.

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