Am i overweight or obese?

I'm 171 cm, and I weigh 110 kg. I'm trying to lose weight by being more active and eating less, I'm portioning my meals and restricting myself from eating food that is overloaded with sugar or carbohydrates but I'm not seeming to be dropping any of my weight. I just wanted to know would I be considered just overweight or obese?

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  • As per your weight, it is obesity. You need to cut down carbs from your diet and if you go to the gym then lift the heavy weight which helps to reduce fat from the body.

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  • Both

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  • 110 kg with a height of 171 cm is definitely obese!

    A healthy weight for a young man at 171cm tall would probably be 70 kg give or take 10 kg

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  • Do u take any meds? Some meds slow down the metabolism and make it difficult to impossible to lose weight.

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  • Technically you are obese but the key here is that you are actively trying to lose weight and dieting. If you are a female it is more difficult to lose weight. You are definitely on the right track by avoiding sugar and other simple carbohydrates, but do rememeber that you need to take in less calories than you burn, regardless of where they come from.

    Exercising will hasten your fat loss. Training with weights is not only a huge calorie burner, but the muscle you gain will burn calories even while you're inactive.

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  • Should ask someone a little more qualified than the goons of iin

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