Am i ok? is there something wrong with me?

So my mom won't take me to the hospital cause of money issues but I think there's something wrong with me. For the past 3 nights, everytime I stand up my knees start to give out and I have to sit down. My eyesight is getting worse too. I'm at high risk for glaucoma and my eyes feel like they're being squeezed. I keep getting light headaches cause of it. Especially without my glasses on. Every joint in my body feels like it's being squeezed. Everything aches. I also have the tiniest bit of a stuffy nose. I keep drooling. I keep forgetting things.

I don't have like any of the standard I have a cold feelings though.

If this helps any, I've been having multiple really bad depressive episodes basically everyday (It's literally unending. I even tried to commit suicide. Every time I get a small moment to breathe I'm thrown back into it and it honestly sucks) and since I had a mental breakdown cause I couldn't handle it anymore -and tried to hide it- my friends made it all about them and left me. I've been super stressed out lately. Work is piling up and my brain + body is making it worse for me.

Please help.

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  • Maybe theres a way you can call 911 to get an ambulance sent to your house to pick you up.
    Figure out about the payment later. Your health is more important.

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  • In the USA all emergency rooms are required to treat you regardless of your ability to pay.

    There is something wrong with you - and you really need to get into a hospital and find out what is wrong.

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  • Where are you? You need medical attention regardless of whether, or not your mother can afford it.

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  • You need to find the nearest free clinic and walk in there and tell them all of this.

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  • how old are you? if your parent is refusing to provide you basic needs like medical care when you're clearly unwell call child services or something

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  • Some of those things you mentioned are symptoms of obesity and gaining weight can make those things appear. Not saying it is but depending on your weight it could be.

    Do you have hobbies? Anything you like to do or any passion?

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    • I'm actually underweight, my bmi is 16-17. I do eat a lot though. I just have a really fast metabolism. actually, for the past weeks I haven't been able to eat much. I've been feeling too weak to even lift a fork to my mouth :/
      I feel kinda pathetic in that sense.

      I really like to draw, write, and read. they're my favorite pastimes. calms me down from a bad day and whatnot. pretty basic stuff.
      I also like inline speedskating. I've been skating for 12 years. I started skating when I was 4 surprisingly.

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      • I use to smoke everyone at the skating ring when I was a kid. They made me do races with the older kids and I smoked them too. I only had abec 1 bearings and no one could catch me lol. You ought to get you some good abec 7 bearings and get back into it. Go to a skating ring

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