Am i in the wrong to punish him?

I am angry to have to post this but here I go:
So my son (15) came to me yesterday saying he wants to file a complaint because this girl at school kneed him multiple times in a row in the groin. He said he didnt deserve it and when I asked him what happened, he said he put his hand under her skirt and touched her butt. But apparently later I heard from my older daughter that the girl had tried to stop him but he overpowered her and kept grabbing her butt, which makes it even worse.

Then her friends waited for him later, grabbed him by the back and she kneed and slapped him multiple times until he fell down in pain. He said he was still in pain and she could have injured him, he wants to punish her.

I was so disappointed in him disrespecting a woman like that I kicked him in the balls myself with my shoes on, he fell down in agony for a good 45 minutes. My daughter believes I did the right thing too, I don't want my son to grow up to be a harasser or rapist.I told him he better clean his attitude.

He also won't have clean underwear for the next month, I want to put the point across.

When he was still sleeping this morning my daughter woke him up by throwing an icepack on his groin, saying he might need this.

Am I in the wrong to punish him this harshly? As a mother I want my son to grow up a be a good husband, father and citizen.

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  • Theres some weird fetish stuff on this site

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  • If your son put his hands on a girl's skirt then he 100% deserved to get punished and deserved to be slapped by those girls in his class.


    I think you went a tad bit far by kicking him in the balls. I understand that you do not want your son to become some harasser but I think kicking him on the balls is not the best way to have handled the situation.

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    • She sounds like my mother. Except my mother sent me to a boy's prep school because she thought misery built character. Btw, she passed away 15 years ago. I've felt a healthy engagement with life ever since, knowing that she's not coming back.

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  • I'm going to say, for 1, I think this is a troll post; however, I'd say as far as troll posts, this is a 10/10. Good job, dude..

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  • Ah, yes, January is the month of weak baby trolls.

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  •'re his mom. If this isn't a troll post, then yeah, he definitely deserves a punishment for what he did. But like the others are saying, you went a bit too far.

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  • nah you went too far man, he'd already been punished by the girl. you should have just taken some of his privileges away like his phone or computer or something. he's just going to grow up violent if you raise him with violence, he'll think its a normal thing because he grew up with it

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  • You're wrong to inflict physical punishment on him in tge way you did. You're a terrible parent.

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  • I understand your desire to discipline your son; and doing so was appropriate in my mind.

    I'm not sure that the method you used was the best; but it's likely to have an effect on him.

    What you really need to do now is to have a heart to heart talk to him about what kind of behavior that you expect him to have... and then you need to reward him for starting to act that way. People change much faster and more permanently when they get rewarded for good behavior than when they get punished for bad behavior.

    A possible reward; should he really change and demonstrate that he treats all woman as ladies might be that he can have his girlfriend and him use his bedroom with your permission, or even stay over with him in his bed (if they fit).

    That should peak his interest.

    You will of course have to offer your daughter and equivalent for her good behavior. You might have to have a birds and bees discussion about sex, stds, pregnancy, etc.

    Those may be uncomfortable rewards for you; but, certainly something that will get their attention.

    You are free to come up with other meaningful rewards for our children.

    I wish you well moving forward with this...

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  • He deserves some good old balls spanking and balls stomping by you, if you want him to respect women you should lock him in chastity and tell him that he has to earn the right to pleasure himself by respecting and serving females

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  • He needs to see a real man treat a woman nicely. Single moms kicking their sons in the balls doesn't teach them how to treat a woman. In my opinion. Needs a dad or something close to that at least.

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  • Might have been the only way to make a lasting impact

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  • i think you should come up with a better story. Troll.

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  • He ain't going to grow up into a father if you keep injuring his balls. Also you want him to get an infection or some shit? Why would you make him wear dirty underwear? Wtf

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  • You could have tied him up and tickled his genitals instead.

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  • Yes, it was wrong of your son to behave the way he did.

    Nonetheless, it sounds like you're sexist against men, as I assume that if the genders were all reversed, you'd be defending your daughter instead of punishing her.

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