Am i in the wrong?

Was at a fancy restaurant with my boyfriend, he kept looking at the female server's ass whenever she walked by us. He was being such a creep. When she went to our table to ask if we wanted drinks, he told her she looked really good. I had enough and kicked him between the legs under the table.

He moved altogether out of shock and made a weird nose, creeped out the server and a table across and it was embarrassing enough to teach him a lesson, and not that hard of a kick.

Now he's mad at me though, thing is I'm from a family based on mutual respect where men protect and respect women, and in my youth my brothers were hit in the groin when they were disrespectful and they grew up to be lovely fathers. My mom would grab my father by the balls or slap him if he disrespected her, and I still remember her striking him with a broom between the legs for staring at a woman walking across the street when he thought she wasnt there.

My boyfriend loves me but he always looks at other women so I felt like it was needed.

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