Am i having sleep paralysis or a spiritual experience?

For the past year, I've been experiencing this similar dream. A dream I can't seem to just google and get a straight answer.

Every few weeks I'd dream about not being able to wake up. I'd be able to move my hands, and I can sometimes get out of bed. I'd hear voices, usually in the form of a radio, or a woman singing. Everything is heavy, as though gravity is times by 10, which affects my ability to pound the mattress in attempts to wake myself up.
My room, my dogs, my stuffies, the stuff on my walls would still all be there, all of my furniture and time on the clock- I can all see it.
The nights I'm able to get out of bed, I can roam the hallways. (The first time I fell out of my body and into my table, trying to scramble back into my body before whatever the frick was waiting for me.)
My vision is very fuzzy, like my brain put a white fog filter on my room. Sometimes I feel like something is about to attack me, watching me, or hovering right over my body.

The dream I had last night— not even an hour after I went to sleep– I was able to move much better than I could, but I was still very dizzy and heavy, heard the radio men, and ringing in my head. I'd talk to myself without realizing it, and my dogs seemed to have an English response sometimes-. In attempts to gain self-consciousness, I got out of bed and wobbled down the hallway to my parent's room, accidentally hitting my head on things like if everything I did was delayed by a few seconds, where their door was wide open and they were distressed. But they couldn't see me. So I decided they couldn't be much help, got back into my room, where I crawled in bed and started screaming and babbling, tried hitting my own face to wake myself up before finally waking up— in my bed— laying down.

After I woke up, I was still dizzy in waves, and whenever I tried to go back to sleep I'd hear knocking/banging sounds immediately waking myself up again-.

Not to mention the fact that I was dreaming in my dream before I could get out of bed.

I know this is probably not sleep paralysis, because I can obviously very much move. But since it isn't, then what frick kind of spiritual world level scenario did I fling myself into and how the heck do I get out? Or atleast tell me what it means so I can fix it. ;;

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  • I'm really not clear on why you say you can "obviously very much move", when the description of the incident where you 'woke up' and walked down the hall to your parents' room makes it pretty clear that you dreamed the whole thing. If they were awake and couldn't see you, then you obviously weren't there at all in the first place. If they were awake, aware of your invisible presence in some mysterious way and distressed, why didn't you wake up to find them in your room checking to see if you were okay?

    You've apparently looked into sleep paralysis, so you'll know that the sensations of heaviness, an inability to move, hearing strange sounds and voices and the feeling of a malign presence are all classic signs of that. I'm not an expert on this stuff, but it sounds to me like what you're experiencing is a mix of sleep paralysis and very intense dreams where you can, to some extent, control what you do in the dream.

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    • When I woke up I also had the time to check my parent's room but their door was closed. Suggesting I was asleep. I am sorry if I explained horribly, I've just gotten tired of this same monthly reoccurring dream, freaking me out everytime. You are probably right, though.

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  • IF you have "Sleep Paralysis" your mind wakes up and your body does not move; and you cannot "easily" make it move.

    With concentration you can learn how to wiggle a toe or a finger - and once that happens "bam" you now have control over moving your body again. The mind has a switch to turn off voluntary motor control while you are dreaming (which prevents you from all kinds of movements). Sleep Paralysis is your mind waking up without flipping the switch back to normal control mode.

    Most teenagers have a few episodes of Sleep Paralysis; and they usually outgrow them by about age 23 as the mind matures.

    A very small % of people develop the problem later in life (I did) and I dealt with it in my 40's and 50's.

    You are describing a dream - not Sleep Paralysis

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    • Thanks for your input. I'm VERY aware that you can't move in sleep paralysis, as I stated at the very bottom of the post. It just felt so real, and because I'm a scared, nervous, immature teenager that's going through phases of trying to find what's wrong with me all the time, of course I'm going to think that it's sleep paralysis.

      I've come to a conclusion that potentially this could be sleep paralysis in the beginning, because I can't move in the beginning, but slowly go back into full deep sleep.

      But hey I mean there's probably absolutely nothing wrong with me, I have the intelligence of a peanut.

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