Am i bipolar?

I have been depressed for a long time and am on medication for it. Recently I have become really moody and will suddenly get really angry and sad for no reason and feel disconnected and suicidal. I'll just sit and cry for about an hour and then I'll snap out of it and feel elated. Sometimes I feel really happy and will suddenly slip into a depressed state again with no warning or trigger. I don't know why this is and I seem to have no control over it. Please help!

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  • I agree with rabi and paramore. Borderline/EPD/cyclothymia sounds more likely with the rapid changes. Also BPD feel bored and empty with paranoia and do not know who they are. You do need to get a proper assessment and treatment. I hope you get the help you need.

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  • Yeah that's not really what bipolar is ..
    You should check out borderline personality disorder/emotionally unstable personality disorder ..
    This can have sudden mood changes, suicidal tendencies, impulsively, dissociation and quite a few other symptoms ..
    If this is the case there are some medications that can ease certain symptoms but talking therapies are much more beneficial imo ..
    It could just be that you have been more stressed recently but I'd check in with a doctor just to be sure ..
    Good luck :)

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  • This is a common misconception about the disorder. Those who do have bipolar disorder will tell you that what they experience is very different. The disorder is characterized by long periods of depression, sometimes months, followed by manic periods of uncontrollable excitement, which is not pleasurable either, these periods do not last as long as the depression ones, but it us not one minute you're sad the next you're happy. It's not impossible but this is not characteristic of the disorder. If you are feeling suicidal I do highly suggest the suicide hotline. Even if you are not suicidal currently it is good to call. What you described is not abnormal, but not bipolar. I suggest trying to get on the right meds so things stop being quite so difficult

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    • If you have bipolar 1 you experience more mania and mix episodes.

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    • What rayb12 said. I've sufferred with bp for many years and he is pretty spot on, except for the medication part. Medications aren't a cure all and often cause many years of misery during med trials.

      Cognative behavioral therapy or CBT is the best avenue to start with for many and with the help of professionals seek medications if dire consequences or misery warrant them.

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    • Ok thanks so much I really appreciate it. I'm scared to change medication because before I went on it I was so much worse. I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and go to the doctor 😥

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  • See this video - Daniel and Depression

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  • You should probably see a professional, dear heart.

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