Am i becoming confident or am i just depressed?

I somewhat care about what i look like but then again i sort of don't. I ll go to school with no makeup on anymore because i just don't care what anyone says anymore. I just dont know if im depressed or confident? there are things that put me down like how other girls have perfect skin but i just dont care.?

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  • I rarely wear make up but when I compare myself to other girls I feel good that I don't have to pancake crap on my face. That fact that you feel bad leans towards having given up but only you can answer that.

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  • Women who don't wear make up are lazy and have bad manners

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  • I much prefer women without make up. False face is a turn off!

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  • I vouched to say you've given up. You've...apparently accepted the fact that you could never look as pretty as other girls so you don't try.
    You get sad because of it, but you roll it of your shoulders because you believe that if you tried to 'make yourself prettier' it wouldn't matter anyway. Like somehow, trending beauty is an unobtainable goal so you just don't reach anymore.

    Confidence is when you're HAPPY being you and genuinely don't care what others think or what others do. Atleast that's what I'm told by reliable sources.

    Anyway, my advice? Give yourself pep talks, not everyone has the strength and stamina to put on make up each morning but it isn't hard to tell yourself that you're beautiful without it.

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