Am i an addict?

I do bath salts every day. I've been injecting them, and I find that they give me lots of energy. And make me much more focused, and I feel like I'm superman. I really love the feeling of being on them, but lately I have a bit of a problem.

I've run out of veins to inject my morning fix bath salts, and today I resorted to shooting it into my dick vein. Holy fuck did that hurt like hell, but I feel fucking amazing honestly! Does it sound like I have a problem though?

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  • You should try the veins in your neck. But dont hit the arteries... after that you might just want to go see if you can get help. If your veins are collapsing you probably have deep vein thrombosis. And brosif, if that's the case you dont really have that much time left. You gotta chose, rock it till the wheels fall off(you're already losing lugnuts) or chose life.

    I shot heroin and meth for 15 straight years.
    I'm 5 years clean with not a single relapse.
    It can be done.
    You too can do it,
    But only if you truly want to.

    Good luck to you man...

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  • Yep

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  • Shooting them in your dick wouldnt work any better than your arm. A vein is a vein.

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  • For your sake I hope this is a joke.

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  • Umm, gee, let me think about it for a week or 2 . No shit you have a problem.

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