Am i allowed to get jealous when i find out about my girlfriends past?

I was driving us around and I told her I was going to pick up one of my friends and she says it isn’t a good idea. I ask why and she tells me that it wouldn’t be a good idea. I asked why and she wouldn’t tell me why so I grilled her about it until she caved. Apparently she had sent him some naked pictures of her mid last year a couple months before we got together. This isn’t the only instance of her “hoe” phase and she says that she’s messed with A LOT of guys at our school. She says I’m over reacting when I get salt over her telling me how many guys she’s been with before me. Am I not allowed to be jealous or feel some type of way when we’re with people (or friends) I know she’s gotten sexual with?

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  • You are jealous because you are in fact a pussy. Jealous men know they are not enough of a real man to satisfy a woman so they become jealous due to their pathetic insecurities. You are unworthy and you know it so you dwell on things that have nothing to do with you because you are worthless and a bitch of a man.

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  • Maybe she's a skank-ho? Does she have any intention of changing her behavior now that she's with you, or is she just telling you not to be jealous? Don't sleep with her without a condom.

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  • You're allowed to be jealous, just don't expect to have a successful relationship with her or anyone else if you are going to waste your time stressing over that type of nonsense.

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    • This. You are allowed to be jealous but if you know this history, and it still pisses you off, best to move on to someone else.

      She has been fair to you and told you her past, so if you can accept it, do so. Continuing to throw it in her face is just being a dick.

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  • It's just sex.

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  • Btw jealousy is basically insecurity and immaturity which is a HUGE turn off to most women. There are some unstable bitches who get off on it, but not many.

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