Am i a picky eater?

I won’t eat:
- Melted cheese, except on pizza but even then it must be very light on the cheese
- Blue cheeses, brie, and American cheese
- Eggs; scrambled, boiled, quiche, and so on. I do eat things with eggs that don’t taste like egg, like crêpes or waffles.
- Mayonnaise
- Ground beef sometimes, unless it’s in patty form
- Meatloaf
- Steak, most of the time
- Oranges and grapefruit (but I do eat tangerines and lemons)
- Dark poultry meat
- Gray salmon fat
- Grain and rye breads
- Bivalves (oysters, clams, mussels, and scallops)
- Bologna, salami, and deli ham

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  • "American cheese" ain't cheese by any definition of the word that's accepted beyond the borders of the USA, so your rejection of that ultra-processed, factory-produced crap seems completely rational to me.

    There are quite a few categories of food that I won't eat. With the exception of prawns, lobster tail, tuna and swordfish steaks, I don't eat seafood. And, like you, I don't like dark poultry meat, and just reading the phrase "grey salmon fat" made my stomach do a little flip. In fact, I don't like fat of any sort, and I'm not that keen on any meat apart from lean ham and chicken breasts.

    However, I couldn't survive without my homemade grain and seed bread, eggs and lots of different sorts of cheeses.

    We live in a world where there are loads of food choices, and most of us have things we particularly like, other foodstuffs we can take or leave and some we intensely dislike. In my experience, the only time this can really become an issue is when you accept an invitation to have a meal with someone, and you only realise when you sit down at their table that your host is one of those people who will eat virtually anything that isn't actually toxic and they're too dumb to understand that not everyone is like that.

    It's not uncommon for food preferences to change as we get older, and I've made it a point to occasionally try things I believe I dislike - such as Brussels spouts and broccoli - just to make sure I still do. For example, my father enjoyed blue cheeses and when I was a kid I thought they were revolting, but I learned later in life that I really liked them.

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  • It’s not normal to be a picky eater over the age of 12.

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    • Sorry for having food preferences :/

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  • American cheese is disgusting but I like most of the others. I think you're pretty picky but that's okay

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  • I mean, its normal to an extent. I've seen people this picky but it really isn't convenient for the future. I mean I'm a bit picky because I would never eat ketchup mayo mustard etc, but I can still eat most foods, since most of those things are usually optional things in foods. You have like, half the menu of a restaurant in there and I mean, its fine. live how you like, but try expanding your palette, for your sake. esp when your eating out with people or if your family is eating something, its gonna suck when everyone's eating something but you have to get something from a different restaurant or something. in the end, food is food, it not gonna kill you to eat some eggs.

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  • Are you vegan?

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    • No, I just don’t like many meats

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  • I grew up eating hungarian food which if you've never experienced it is lots of guts. stomachs, livers, brains, hearts. So yeah I never got being picky.

    If you've never tried blood and tounge loaf you're missing out.

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  • It's normal for the entitled generation. To a point a lot think the foods and things they don't like should be banned. You would change those little taste buds if you didn't know what or when you were going to get something to eat again. Food for a human is like gas for a car it needs something to burn, may run better on the premium but the cheap stuff may have to do. If you can afford it, then be picky as you want. But I would bet squriel, rabbit, or fish on a stick is out of the question.

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  • Honestly I'm still a picky eater and I'm an adult

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