All of my interests are obsessive and fluctuate in intensity

For some reason, I seem to get focused on one thing I like at a time. Like, I like a lot of things, but more often than not do I focus on only one of those things and become complete obsessed and engrossed in it for a few weeks to a month.

It's not like I completely abandon the thing once my obsession fades. It's usually replaced with another one and comes back maybe a year later, and I can still enjoy the other things I like, but I keep going back to my current obsession.

It's sort of like clockwork. I forget about one thing only for it to come back a year later and completely envelop my mind.

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  • if the obsession also seems to take over your life a little bit then this sounds like hyperfixations - common with people who have autism, ADHD, OCD or depression

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  • I'm the same with some things too.

    Anytime a new Fire Emblem game is out, I'm sucked right in. Then after I'm done with the game I move on to something else. Though once the DLC drops I'm back in.

    The Ace Attorney series is another one that comes back. There are no current new games, yet I always find myself coming back.

    FNAF is another one. I like seeing what Chica looks like in the newest game. If they make a Mystery Mini of it, I'll find it off Mercari and buy it.

    Others include Smash Bros, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Pokemon, Bayonetta, and Kirby. XD

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  • That's exactly the same for me. Also I'm autistic. (Diagnosed at 8) and am also female. Most of my interests/obsessions tend to be romantic obsessions though. Just some of my obsessions are: tornadoes, North Korea, Carolina reaper peppers, The Jackson Five era MJ, liminal spaces, The Spongebob outro song (and Spongebob the cartoon), and atm my biggest main obsession/crush is Salad fingers.
    Some other obsessions I have had are elevators, chilli peppers, and when I was younger it was animals like parrots and horses (though these weren't romantic interests.)
    And yes they also go through cycles. I will like one thing for a year or 2, or a few months, and then move on to a next thing, and sometimes I will get the same obsession from before back again. I was obsessed with elevators when I was 13, and got the obsession back when I was about 22. Like with North Korea, I was obsessed with when I was 18 (I even made posts on here about it then) and then last year, when I was 24 I got the obsession back. I also liked Jackson five MJ when I was 21-23, and then last year towards the end of the year I got obsessed with him again, and when I was 11 I had a crush on Salad fingers and was obsessed, now I have a crush on him again.
    More recently, like this year and last year, my obsessions have been quicker to change into another thing. Last year I had North Korea, then Shigaraki from MHA, then liminal spaces, and the Spongebob outro song, then young MJ, and now it's Salad fingers.

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  • i completely lost interest in mowin the lawn once it was winter

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