All my nightmares revolve around me becoming something evil

I keep having these freaky dreams lately. One I lost control of my body, started walking down a hallway like I was a monster. another was a normal dream before everything went black, I found myself in a dark hallway, and I was skipping through it laughing, I wasnt scared for some reason. I walked up to a mirror in that dream, and looked into it smiling. I can't really tell you what it was, but it was horrifying, its almost incomprehensible to me right now though. And finally my latest dream I was at a protest, there were two groups of people arguing over some moral issue or whatever. Turns out a friend of mine was there so I walked up to him and started talking about the protests. While we were talking I noticed a woman approach us while laughing as she was holding a knife. I warned my friend and grabbed the knife from her as she tried to hurt me. I chased her down while my friend told me to stop, I dont really want to say how I did it, but I basically ended up killing her. From there I wasnt myself anymore, I was someone different.

Anyway, those were my freaky dreams that I've had lately. I just want to get an outside opinion on this to maybe find out what I should do about this. I guess I should also note that none of these dreams made me scared or anything(during the dream, when I wake up I'm freaked out), except for the mirror one. That one was so intense it made me jump out of bed.

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  • You are encountering the shadow, it’s healthy for you to dream this way.

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  • Do you think you are dealing with feeling like you may be a bad person ?
    Doesn't mean you are one, but the thoughts could slip into your dreams.
    Either thoughts of being a bad person or maybe or being underestimated/ not seen ?

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  • I have a feeling you may be processing things or doing things that you haven't actually rationalized you should be doing, at least in some way

    Even if not, you seem to be at a crossroad right now where you can do what you should or do what you want

    I would first recommend some entertainment, Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde, the Picture of Dorian Gray, and Metamorphoses. All books and some movies, you could probably get the gist with a Wikipedia synopsis but assessing character development helps tremendously with self reflection.

    I would say use your fears to become a better person, it's better than ignoring your fears to remain undeveloped to avoid catastrophe or accepting evil so you don't have to regret it

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  • I don't really have proper nightmares.

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  • Maybe you're just worried that you'll actually become a murderous monster one day? As long as you know the difference between what's right and what's wrong and you don't plan on killing anyone, you'll be fine.

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  • You just got to accept the fact that you can be a monster if you wanted to be one. It's a pretty liberating feeling to be honest. Mainly because if you are a good person dispite the fact of fully knowing how shitty you could be, that just shows that you are a good person at heart.

    If you cant be dangerous than you are not peaceful, you are harmless.

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  • Normal.

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  • I just have dreams about food and sex

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  • everyone has a little bit of that in them.

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