All i do is smoke weed?

I have severe depression and anxiety. Its so bad that its difficult for me to do normal things, especially when it involves leaving my apartment.
I've seen a couple of therapist in my life time, who have all diagnosed me with severe depression and anxiety. I've even been on pills, but none have helped.
When weed became legal here I finally tried it. At first I hated it, it made me paranoid and anxious. After smoking it a couple more times though I started to enjoy how happy it made me. I was able to laugh, hangout with friends and go to work without feeling horrible. I started smoking more and more to feel the way I once did when I first started, but over the years I've just become numb when I smoke,I almost feel like I'm dead. I've also noticed its made my depression worst when I'm not smoking. I just can't seem to stop though, its like I'm addicted to feeling nothing.
I constantly sit at home smoking bowls after bowls, ditching my friends or family. I'm basically back to how I was before but now I spend so much money and it no longer helps.
Anyone else like this? I know weed isn't suppose to be addictive or whatever but I can't bring myself to stop smoking.

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  • When I smoked weed everyday when I didnt have weed I felt like I was on the verge of a mental breakdown. I advocate for it being legal but I dont like the hippies selling it as a cure all.

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  • Whoever told you weed is not addictive is wrong. It is also a depressant which means although it initially fires off dopamine to make you feel good once that wears off you are left feeling depressed. It is VERY addictive both physically and psychologically, the anxiety you feel is withdrawal. OLD science thought it wasn't addictive but they have since identified the receptor site in the brain and now know it is addictive. Unfortunately, people think being legal means it is safe, even though alcohol and nicotine are also legal.

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  • its a temporary fix

    shit makes you content with bein useless when youre on it and depressed/ angry/volatile/anxious when youre off

    do it enough and you get all the off symptoms while youre on plus permanent lazy & lookin dazed & confused all the time

    it takes months for that shit to wear off after stoppin too

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  • As a former weed smoker (420 evvvry day kind) I can say yes it's normal to be rendered in that kind of state.

    Weed is great with making you content with your situation, but it will slowly start to make you stagnate and fall further than if you would of never touched the stuff.

    Hell I still miss it. Though smoking is no longer conducive or helpful to my future plans.

    You can do whatever you want but my advice is to go cold turkey and look at the bigger picture and how objectively how weed is affecting you.

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  • It's not normal to keep on smoking the 420

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