Alcohol just makes me sick now

I really want to go out to bars again but for some reason alcohol just makes me sick now. I think its a interaction with something else I take. I am thinking of maybe just taking some pills before I go to the bar and then while I'm there just sip on one beer. This way I can actually party again and have a good time but dont have to drink.

What I will probably do is use xanax. I get drug tested regularly but if I only do it on fridays after work I can have it out of my system by the time I go back to work again. I could just do this every few weeks and go out. I really just have to go out and start partying. I cant do the whole square thing anymore. Im losing my mind. I wasnt meant to be a sober square person. Its just in my blood to party. I have irish and my parents party alot.

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  • Some wines make me feel sick too.
    Last week I had 2 and a half glasses of wine and many hours later when I was going to bed I still felt so sick I could almost have vomited. I guess i'd had too little to eat before I drank it. With certain wines I need to eat a lot to tolerate it. I tolerate sweet wines better for some reason. Maybe the fact that I think more bitter alcohol is kinda gross contributes to how it affects me.

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  • I have the same thing, I’m 25 and my tolerance for alcohol was never fantastic but this last year it just makes my stomach and head hurt. A small wine with a big dinner is the most I can tolerate and in the binge-drinking UK this is measly.

    Why do you think to be sober is to be square? If you don’t advertise that you’re not drinking people won’t notice. I just had one small drink at Halloween and was complimented on how “amazing” I was at beer pong when in reality I just wasn’t wasted like everyone else, they were none the wiser.

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