Aggressive barking mutt dog.. what to do?

Why does my neighbors new 5 year old schnauzer-poodle always try to attack me when I walk by, its been over a month now, and I thought he would of calmed down, but no he still aggressively barks and snaps at me.

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  • Say hello to the dog.

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  • I'm sorry you're dealing with that, that sounds incredibly bothersome.

    My dad likes to walk in his neighborhood and had a neighbor's dog chase him and even corner him to the point he had to get into another neighbor's truck, and he had to use some sort of special dog spray (I think mailmen carry it as well) to get him to leave him alone. He told the neighbor that he loved dogs and didn't want to have to use it, but would if he had to, but of course the neighbor just said "He would never hurt a fly, he's so friendly" 🙄 and got mad about it. You could talk to the owner first and do the same if nothing comes of it, but be prepared for the neighbor to become defensive and upset, because there are a lot of delusional dog owners who think their poorly trained and behaved dog is perfect and can do no wrong, and make excuses for their bad behavior constantly (huge pet peeve of mine, along with horse owners that do this with their rude, pushy, borderline dangerous horses).

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  • Probably call caesar or smth

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  • I had a schnauzer named alexis when I was growing up. I miss that dog. I was sad when she died. Theyre good dogs but they bark alot. She loves to chase cars.

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  • Shot it. Lol just kidding,

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