Adults throwing tantrums

I see this almost once a day now. An adult throws a fit over something small. They drop something, they scream and shed tears. The store runs out of an item they wanted, they scream and cry. The person they just met won't go on a date with them, they scream and cry. Sometimes they have kid with them and their kids get embarrassed and tell their parent to stop it. Why can't they just shrug things off and get on with their day?

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  • I almost had a full blown tantrum yesterday when i lost an eBay auction at the last minute by a few cents. Some bitch bid higher after me and there were only two bids! I bid with about 5 hours left! Then I got an email with a sad face! Way to rub it in eBay!

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  • I voted normal, but perhaps that's not the word for it. Common, I guess, would be a better way to say it.

    Some adults simply didn't grow out of that phase or never learned that those actions are socially unacceptable. Some people are maladjusted emotionally and simply do not know how to handle intense negative emotions. Not to defend them or anything, but those are a couple likely explanations.

    From a behavioral psychology perspective, they could have grown up as spoiled children who got what they want by throwing tantrums. When a behavior is followed by a reward, it becomes reinforced. Therefore, when something bad happens, they throw a tantrum, kind of like a habit. It's the natural response for them by that point.

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  • No. Something is wrong with them.

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