Addicts who stole a vietnam veterans 2015 truck

If 2 drug addicts(who have no vehicle and no home of their own)stole a 74 year old veteran's truck(yes,it's been reported as stolen) What would you do with it? Where would you hide out? How would you get away with this crime? What do I do to catch them? How do I make them pay?!?!?!

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  • My favorite as far as "payback"- like Charlie Daniel's says in one of his songs, "take them out to the swamp, tie'em to a stump and let the bugs and gators do the rest."

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  • It’s just what drug addicts do. Best to avoid them at all costs.

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  • I dunno, I've never been much for thievery.

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  • Treat it like any other stolen truck theft. It's still grand theft.

    Not to shit on veterans as I am a veteran myself but we really got to differentiate what particular soldiers/sailors/marines/airmen did during their service.

    Being a grunt has way more connotations to action and seeing some shit, than being a repair guy who's dozens if not hundreds of miles from the front.

    I'm saying this as I was a radar operator in the navy. Sure, I was on a ship. But I was also on the most heavily armored portion of the ship holding marines who's job was it to do their marine thing on the beaches.

    I am not going to be a whiny shit about my service. Because there are people that have done way cooler and way more dangerous shit than I have. I was just a cog in a big ass war machine, proud of it too.

    Honorable? Yes. Same level of prestige? No in my opinion. I respect the dudes being shot at.

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