Addicted to reading

Is it normal to be addicted to reading.
I find that I read pretty much 24/7 in my own time out side of work, when I’m not reading I get depressed and all I can think about is the book. When someone calls or wants to spend time with me I get annoyed but try not to show it. I don’t really have much of a social life which I preferable since it lets me have time to myself to read.

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  • Some people are so boring that I'd rather read an instruction manual than talk to them.

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  • Yeah I get my social needs fulfilled by books lmao

    Also tell me what you're reading rn

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  • It's a really good habit to have...

    Please start to transition to personal and financial development books....

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    • Now that's good advice. In other words, it is good that we start reading books and documents that will help us to handle ourselves properly out there. Too many opportunities are missed by not knowing half of what your contract with the bank means, for example. P.S. Excuse me if there's a grammar problem, English is not my first language...

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      • Not a problem about your language. English is my wife's 3rd language so I understand your situation well.

        Here are a few really good starter books to improve yourself.

        How well you do in life depends on your ability to communicate well and make friends. So I suggest:

        "How To Win Friends & Influence People In The Digital Age" by Dale Carnegie & Associates (a modern update to the classic How To Wind Fiends & Influence People).

        How well you do in life also depends on having a solid relationship with your Significant Other... This book has solved more relationship problems than most all the others combined. Gary Chapman really found a fundamental truth that every one else missed in the previous centuries. Thus I suggest:

        "The 5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman. There are teenage, elder, etc. variations available.

        Note that I often suggest buying 2 copies so a person and their SO can read it at the same time (although usually one person will read it faster than the other).

        Your comment about knowing what the bank terms are just scratches the surface of financial intelligence and understanding how our economy works - and why some do so well and others do not. I suggest:

        "Cashflow Quadrant" (subtitled: Guide To Financial Freedom) by Robert Kiyosaki.

        To tie them all together for basic education is a book about how to become successful at most anything (assuming you have the dream and drive to become successful). I suggest:

        "The Compound Effect" by Darren Hardy

        Understand those books (and read and reread them periodically to understand more as you develop) and you will be way ahead of almost everyone else.

        A reality is that there are perhaps 50-100 books that I recommend to people based on their specific situations and their dreams and goals in life. But those 4 are fundamental knowledge books that I recommend to most everyone who works with me. Start with the one that appeals to you most - as you know where you are at in life and what may assist you the fastest.

        If you like any of those PM me and we can talk more and I may be able to make other recommendations.

        Go fourth and become successful.... I believe in you,

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        • Thanks for the recommendations! As soon as I can I will investigate where to get those books, because I only read books on entrepreneurs, business, taxes, etc., as they are the only ones that Google has recommended to me, and let's just say that those don't help as much as they say they do. Note: I am proud to have read some books by the authors you mention.

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          • I'm not sure where you are in life... You might wish to read another post I have done in another thread and see if it applies...


            I wish you the best success...

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          • A limitation on reading about many of the modern internet entrepreneurs is that no one can really explain why someone's idea goes viral and others do not.

            For every Facebook, etc. there are an estimated 10,000 other similar ideas that people had to accomplish the same thing - that did not get any traction or died along the way.

            So huge internet success is mostly luck - and luck cannot be taught. On the other hand: Solid profitable internet (or non-internet) business success is almost always the result of applying the same basic set of principals - which can be taught.

            I find that reading more historical biographies to be more informative as the luck factor of going viral did not exist back then.

            You may also appreciate: "The Master-key To Riches" by Napoleon Hill as its about the last book that pulls together all the things Napoleon Hill learned about success. I have always fount that the Chapter on the 12 riches of life to make a big impression on people (money is only part of the last one).

            Another one: "Emotional Intelligence" by Daniel Goleman. People are most often paid based on their ability to relate and work with other people (Their EQ) and not their IQ.

            I wish you the best...

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  • Reading is good for you but gets boring.

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