Accustomed to similar wages

I believe once you get a trade and start making good money, even if your trade goes away you are more likely to learn another trade that pays the same or better. I believe many poor people get accustomed to low wages and it just becomes normal to them and they pick those trades because of stability. But if they were forced to learn a trade and they started making 100k a year if you didnt allow them to work that trade anymore they would scramble to find another way to generate this same income.

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  • I think it depends, some people just want a job that will get them the most money possible. But some are content with only making enough to get by as long as they can do something they enjoy, given that's an option for them.
    My dad has been working in his trade for thirty years and has turned down multiple offers for higher paying positions, because he already makes good money and he has no interest in trying to climb the corporate ladder.

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    • I wonder if your father were to get laid off and his trade went away if he would learn another trade because he's so accustomed to his wage.

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  • i do a fairly decent wage and could have 10 jobs next week if i wanted but i got a shitload experience a professional license and a decent reputation & resume in a niche field with lotsa demand (lately)

    its not somethin anyone can just walk into though it took decadesa bustin my ass & eatin shit to get there

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  • Not everyone has the personal characteristics necessary to become competent at a trade.

    It's a myth that everyone can learn to do something, or start a business, and make $100K per year.

    The top 25% can; but, not everyone.

    Also, as an olderdude - I can assure you that most of my generation has been downsized out of good paying jobs... and no, we cannot find anything that pays anywhere near what we were making. Most have to accept jobs that pay 1/2 to 2/3 of what they were making... IF they can find a job in their field at all.

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  • It is true that most people don’t want to go significantly backwards in terms of pay and/or lifestyle. People always want to feel like they’re somehow going forward, not backward. It can be very depressing and dispiriting to feel like you’re heading backwards.

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  • I have only taken to pay cuts in my life. Went from 10 - 15.50-13-9-10 -13-17-22 I'll only take paycutt these days if I'm desperate. Otherwise I don't see the point

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