Accidentally elbowed my mom in the teeth

So my mom surprised me while I was studying and I accidentally jerked my elbow back, smashing in her front teeth. I feel terrible about it... is it normal to jerk your elbow that hard when someone comes up behind you like that?

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  • I broke my friends nose because he decided to jump out and scare me. But I don't flinch when I get jump scared, I punch.

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  • the day my mother met my new puppy for the first time he jumped up on her lap and snouted her on the nose almost broke it

    accidents will happen

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  • By the way although I've been startled and even frightened when someone has snuck up on me in the past, I have never hit anyone despite the fact that I have anxiety about the possibility of hitting someone when I'm startled.

    I think you're just trying to start shit with me or looking for reasons make excuses for your own issues.

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  • I don't go around randomly smacking and punching people in the face, but I'm just not going to take any bullshit when it comes to someone biting me! I could understand someone biting another person if they're being attacked, but biting someone just, because you're scared is not an excuse to bite someone. I've never thrown the first punch on anyone. I studied a little martial arts in my life, I'm not a violent person, but I certainly won't hesitate to defend myself or my loved ones. You or someone like you has nothing to fear from me, just don't fuck with me, my cat or my peeps, and thenew everything will be fine.

    Yes, if someone is being pinned down, overpowered and in danger of being raped or otherwise assaulted then it would make sense to bite in self defense, but biting people randomly, because you think you are an animal is not cool. It's not cool, when an animal bites someone whether out of fear or whatever else. It's more not cool if a person does it, but either way I would defend myself. I don't see anything wrong with my strategy, don't bite me, and then I won't smack you in the mouth in self defense.

    Of course another option would be for me to not smack the biter, but instead call the police, and press charges for assault. Regardless I'm not taking any shit off of anyone, I don't care if the person is "scared", thinks they're an artic fox or has a mental disorder regardless I'm gonna defend myself or call the cops and press criminal charges.

    Actions, whether good or bad, can have benefits or consequences. People need to be held accountable for their actions. It's a simple thing, people are much happier and more successful in life when they can accept the truth that we all must be held accountable for our actions. Don't do stupid aggressive things then you won't have any unfortunate consequences!

    Learn to love, and accept reality, it's not that hard.

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    • I never full on bite because I’m pretending to be an animal. People get bitten when they sneak up on a grab me. It’s no different than you hitting or punching someone. Biting has saved my ass quite a few times too. So no I don’t agree with you and I’m not sorry. If someone wants to scare they shit out of me they deserve to get bit. Get over it.

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  • I usually tense up, because I don't want to scream and look like shit, but I also don't want to freak out and hit anyone. This is exactly why I hate when my mom sneaks up on me, because I'm scared I will accidently hit her!

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  • If you practice martial arts, then its pretty possible that was a fighting reflex

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  • So mom had to get dentures? Are you grounded for life?

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  • Yeah, just an accident.

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