A question about love for lesbian and gay people

Do you ever fall in love with people of the opposite gender, but like platonically? Like you love them and you could see yourself with them if they were of the same gender...
I guess what i'm asking is do you ever develop that strong an emotional connection with people you don't want to date because of their gender, or do you mostly only hang around people of the same gender.
I guess straight people can answer too, just comment wether you've loved someone of the same gender but wouldn't be intimate with them. Like really strong friendship that feels much like romantic love.

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  • Why don’t you figure out your question then ask it in a way that makes sense!

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    • OP's question makes perfect sense to me.

      He or she is asking if gay men ever develop similar feelings for their straight female friends to the feelings they have for their gay partners, where the only thing holding them back from approaching the friend in question is the fact that they are of the opposite gender.

      He or she is also asking the same question of lesbians regarding straight male friends

      Seems like a very good question to me.

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  • I don't think being in love would be the appropriate term but I do have platonic love for many people, both genders.

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  • What you are describing is Platonic love, also known as Philia, or brotherly live, and many people experience it!

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