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I feel as if I'm on another plain of existence; another plain of thought. Nothing we care about matters one bit, and people don't seem to understand.

They think I'm being angsty, or just saying "whatever" rr something. But no.

What I really mean is, that we are literally just atoms, nothing we do is meant for anything. We really have no purpose. Whats the point? People try to make one utilizing religion. They think we need a purpose, or that we have one.

Even this post doesn't matter. Why am I posting it then? The reasons themselves do not matter. The just fucking don't.

If you don't get it by now, then I don't know what ta tell ya. You're just like them. You will never get it.

It's just obvious, isn't it? You guys just lie ta yourselves. You're like sheep.

Yunno why we think we're superior to animals? Because we got lucky to have had ancestors, who are monkeys, that evolved to speak and walk. And before you fucking religious sheep tell me "then why are there still monkeys if they evolved?" Its because only half of them had to evolve. Ever see the same fuckin kind of an animal all the time? No! There's different kinds of animals too. We are just different kinds of monkeys.

We have separated ourselves so far from nature, animals, and plants, that we just assume we've got these souls that are dropped into our bodies when we're born, for some reason. Why? Why aren't we just like every other animal? Cause we are. They may fucking think the same things bout us, that we think about them. What makes you think that we see the world the right way.

What makes you think all of us see the world rhe same anyways? What if youre red is my blue, but you were just taught ta call it red. You just don't know.

We think all these holidays and special occasions mean anything. YHEY DONT. Why would they? What does this matter? There's too much. There's not enough. Why must we know everything? Why must we teach just to pass it on? To pass it onto someone thats just gonna pass it on. Why would it do anything. All it considers is the living things.

We never think about the meanings of things. What are we doing?

What will you comment? I suppose its either

"stop asking so many questions, just chill"
"I think you're having an existential crises, you need help"
"I think about this too"

But what do I care? What's it do? Evoke emotions? Make me think differently? But it doesn't matter what I think of how I feel.

There is more I could say there is more to it but sadly, I can't explain to where even I could understand.


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  • Hi Chap, I get you. Life is like an itchy sweater sometimes.

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  • This is called nihilism and in a sense I'm certainly a nihilist but a functioning one and one capable of joy.

    In a sense you're right. Objectively nothing in this universe really "matters". Unless we're living in a simulation with a specific purpose such as a so-called ancestor simulation, or our universe was systematically created in a mother universe amidst the multiverse by an extraterrestrial intelligence for a specific purpose, most likely a scientific experiment of some sort, then nothing in this universe objectively "matters" or has a specific "purpose".

    You know what the beauty in that is? The fact that nothing matters _also_ doesn't matter. When I enjoy something, I enjoy it. It is what it is. I can still enjoy my life and make my own goals. In fact, it's better and freeing that there is no objective purpose to life because it means we can do whatever we want instead.

    There's no objective, naturally existing moral code either, but it's easy to see you probably shouldn't hurt other people or hinder their own enjoyment of life because you can _feel_ that yourself, subjectively, so it's normal to live by it. It's actually wonderful that purpose isn't objective. It means we're in charge. Just live your life as you did before this. This revelation simply doesn't matter or change anything.

    Don't let any of this bother you and simply do whatever makes you feel happy without hurting anyone else. I suspect you might only newly be an atheist. This is a fairly common reaction in some newcomers, but it wears off.

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    • [OP] I've been an atheist for about 3 or 4 years. I'm pretty young. I was never a strong Christian, but I did believe in God.

      Thank you for this; In a world where nothing matters, ya sure make me feel like ya do :)

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  • You’re right, there’s no evidence we have souls or that our lives have any special meaning at all. But if that’s the case then there is nothing you can do to change it and all we can do with things we cannot change is accept them.

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    • [OP] Yeah, but the fact that people whole-heartedly believe this, and the reasons they do make me wanna throw up. It's so sad that they don't realize this ideology of mine.

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      • Just as it cannot be proven that souls and a higher purpose exist it cannot be proven that they don’t. People will always disagree with you on this matter until the day you die, even in cases where they understand your arguments. The best thing to do is to accept that they have a right to their own beliefs just as you have a right to yours and try to let the rage go, it will not serve you well.

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  • For what it's worth - although, really, why should you or anyone else care? - I endorse the points made by Sounds_Weird.

    There is no intrinsic meaning to life. It's incredibly difficult for our brains to truly grasp the physical scale of the universe and what 13.8 billion years really means, but even a very limited comprehension of those facts has to lead you to conclude that the human species is only a little more significant that the life of a housefly when measured on the grand cosmic scale of things.

    But even if the universe doesn't give a shit about life on Earth, our species or any individual person, each of us is capable of experiencing the universe, and that means something to us. What exactly it means to you is entirely up to you.

    As far as religion is concerned, I think some of the reason it exists is because our brains are wired to search for cause and effect. That pattern-seeking drive is one of the reasons our species has been so successful, and people can get very uncomfortable when they can find no pattern and it seems like a bunch of random shit is going down for no good reason whatsoever. So they invent an invisible, non-refutable super-being who _does_ know what's going down because he's planned it all out, and who will make sure they're alright in the end.

    As it happens, I watched a video by a YouTuber earlier today which touches on some of the issues you raise. The guy was raised in a fundamentalist evangelical Christian family, but he managed to wake up and smell the coffee a few years back. He does videos in which he tries to explain to sane and rational people some of the whackier aspects of Christian wingnut 'thought' processes, talks about his life in that delusional bubble and his journey out of it to the real world, and addresses some of the absurd, ahistorical and completely impossible shit in the Bible. Some of his most amusing (and also depressing) recent videos was a series about self-proclaimed prophets who said that God had spoken to them to reassure them that Trump would get a second term. When the election results didn't fulfil that prophecy, God supposedly then started telling them and something amazing would definitely happen (on a series of constantly advancing dates) to overturn the election results and God would float Trump back to the White House on clouds of glory or some such shit.

    In any case, part of the video I watched today addressed how religious believers refuse to believe that atheists can feel that there is some meaning and purpose to life. He quoted a guy called Dan Barker (once an evangelical preacher, now a prominent atheist): "'If there is no God, what is the purpose of life?' is like asking, 'If there is no slave master, whose slave will I be?'"


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  • You're free to be an atheist, and believe whatever you want, but other people are also free to have faith, and believe whatever they want as well. What's why all the hostility? It doesn't hurt you, or anyone else if other people choose to believe in a Higher Power.

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