A girl made me lick her

I have never told this to anyone, and I almost forgot it happened until about 5 months ago, when I accidentally switched on a xxx-channel, and saw these people doing the same, and now I just keep thinking about it, but I really want to forget, I feel like I wanna die, Why did I do it?!*!*!
So, you're probably thinking what am I talking about so ok here it is
When I was about 13 years old I got drunk at a party, then 2 other girls came (I'm a girl) and took me with and locked us in the bathroom, they took off their pans and told me to lick them down-there, I refused, but well I was kind of drunk, and they told me that they would destroy the world if I won't do that, so I did...When I woke up in the morning and remembered that, I went to the bathroom and hurled and felt so dirty. I wanted to kkill myself then, but I finally accepted that and forgot it, but now it just keeps popping up, and it's even more horrific. I want to turn back time, or erase it from my mind, I wanted aliens to abduct me so they could make me forget (haha silly , I know), but I just feel so miserable, I can't live a normal life, I can't do anything. I can't even talk in my native language, because every word reminds me of it, but sadly I still live in my homeland. Help meeeeee pleaseeee!!!!!!!

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  • It is normal to lick another girl, consensually. It sounds like you were forced which is actually sexual assult. You feel violated and betrayed. You should consider professional help, this is too big an issue to take on yourself.

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  • 13 years ols and you were drunk? :O

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  • You were sexually victimized. The fact that they were girls too doesn't make it less traumatizing, maybe it's even worse. You were drunk and they took advantage of you plain and simple. Also, maybe consider professional help for this. It sounds like this was really traumatic and you could benefit from the help of a therapist to help you to get past this.

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  • most likly sexual assult,, but if you were more willing to do what you did than you sound then I think your upset that they didn't return the favor. I would be if this happened to me. If I were you I would go talk to them tell them that they own you some serious licking on your womanhood.

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  • You said this happened at age 13. How old are you now? The alcohol was bad, but _any_ forced sex act is not excusable - even between same gender.

    Oral activity between loving, consenting partners is a beautiful, satisfying activity - for both the M & F. It was not easy to get past the "dirty" aspects most of us were taught, but the vagina is clean, and renews it's entire lining every month. One book calls it 'the cleanest part of the body'.

    One LT g/f was _so_ excited before her period, she always was more than eager for sex. This included foreplay & afterplay - that often extended into foreplay again.

    One time I was surprised, when we had so much fun, her 'time' caught up with us. She was so wild, I didn't mind when I came up red. [She didn't want to kiss me, but that was not a big problem, since she was so responsive.]

    I wish I had learned this earlier in life, & I could have made a few girls smile - all over.

    She had a fascinating, fast, private [but I peeked!] trick to clean up before & after, so always being clean & fresh was what made her extra special.

    If you can't forget your unfortunate experience, do get pro help. Some things we can't handle alone, just because someone says, "Get over it!". It certainly does not mean you are gay, or bi - just the opposite.

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    • I don't wan to talk to anyone,

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