A game, let us invent ghetto names

It works like this. You tell about someone and then their name based on who or what they bare. Try to keep it ghetto.

I will start.

I once knew this black woman who was career driven. Her name was Ambisha.

I knew of another woman from the hood who mostly kept to herself. Her name was Lowkeysha.

Alright! Bring it on.

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  • The best weird name i've ever heard was "vajohnica" (mom veronica, and dad john).

    Also, rich white people dole out just as many shitty names, apple.

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  • sharkeisha

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  • Shaquinta

    Screw it, let me go crazy- Tatashilaqwashitakaka
    Edit: Just realized I wasn't paying attention to the post.

    I knew two black twins who came out of the womb scizzoring. One's name of Lezbohisha, and the other's name was Dykashaba.

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  • Dementia

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  • Once knew a girl named Carla Johnson from San Andreas.

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  • I once knew this big ol fat sista. Her name was Rotundra!

    And another one with a bald patch, her name was Alopesha!

    And, and, and, one with had short hair and wore thick rim glasses, guess what her name was? Ashley!

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    It was my street name. I would go on top of my roof and cry out my name, "ROOPLES POOPLES," and you could hear everyone else running of the streets out of fear. Is true.

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  • I've actually SEEN/HEARD these names (spelling might be off):

    Orangello - his mother craved orange jello while prego

    Lemongello - you guessed it, brother to above, lemon jello

    Female - that's right, just female. Her crack head mother couldn't be bothered to give her a first name so that blank space just turned into the first name of "Female." Can't get more generic or ghetto than that.

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  • Laquisha

    I dunno, all of these sound funny XD

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  • This one sista was real sensitive, and her name was Rosacea.

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