A close friend i'm quite concerned about

A friends i've been with a person for a while who had these weird quirks but not to an extent i'd be way too much bothered by it or concerned but for the last days he started to come over, we spontaneously went to the kitchen where we continued talking, and in middle of conversation he mentions something about ground meat that was over there in table and i told him it's for my little dog and he insisted why don't we make it into patties for ourselves first and buy a dog actual dry food and i glanced at him with sort of sigh, you probably know why, and i said not edible for humans since it is a combination of finely ground bones, organs, and fair amount of blood so the dog gets all the vitamins and nourishment and the guy insists that it is still fit for human consumption and i just gestured to go and smell it and figure out, he spontaneously approaches it, moves forward with his back and nose front and takes a whiff in a positive expectation when he wrinkles his face in disgust and covers his nose, and i told him "That explains now?", and from there it kept progressing from him repeatedly smelling it and saying "Funeral..." and i told him "Why are you torturing yourself with something you have a choice not to do?" and gives me an unresponsive gaze. until next few days after we fed the dog well with the 'patties', i see him through doorway of my older sister who apparently at that current time was unusually tired and 'passed out', and he stands over at the tip end of the couch infront her feet, where he wore entertainment gray-scale goggles which set to saturation and hue of everything looked through to somewhat grayish and kept looking at feet or her in general and said the same word "Funeral!", there it ended, should i bother informing about it anyone , only for anyone not look at me like i'm superstitious, or the whole case scenario is of negligible harm, unless it progresses to harmful stages, but I suppose and hope not. Would appreciate help if needed, thanks!

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