'wine' after adding sugar to liter of juice shake it, add yeast and shake?

Do you shake the bottle after adding yeast? Fleishman's dry active yeast ..if not, what if you do shake it?

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  • Making an alcoholic drink that's not completely disgusting from fruit juice is a little more complicated that just adding bread yeast.

    I don't think it matters much if you shake the yeast/juice mix or not. The dry yeast will initially float on the top, but I'm sure some will be moist enough to begin fermentation, and then things will sort of naturally churn around so the rest will most likely dissolve.

    Two things you need to be concerned about are carrying out the fermentation in a container that's as sterile as you can get it, and arranging some way to allow the carbon dioxide to escape without letting air into the container.

    The air is full of microorganisms that will chow-down on the sugary mix if you let them in, and the result of that will most likely be a foul-tasting, smelly, mouldy, bacteria-laden soup rather than something that at least resembles wine.

    Whatever you do, DO NOT leave the container completely sealed for long. Yeast in a sugar-rich environment produces a huge amount of carbon dioxide, and a sealed container will either blow its lid off and spray its contents all over the ceiling or actually explode.

    You can get neat little water-traps that allow CO2 to bubble out while also blocking air from getting in, but a tried and tested improvised way is to cover the top of the bottle with a balloon. It will gradually inflate as fermentation proceeds, and you should periodically gently ease the ring of the balloon away from the bottle to let most of the gas escape before it gets too full.

    Fermentation will gradually slow as the yeast consumes the sugar and the alcohol it has produced kills it off. Once youi get to the point where the balloon isn't gradually inflating from one day to the next, you'll know that your hooch is done.

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  • Its been 20 years since I've done this but the most important thing is burping the alcohol. You need to come take the top off of it twice a day and put it back on to allow gas to escape. You'll smell when its ready it'll smell like alcohol.

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  • Why not make something drinkable? Go to an Artisan Homebrew shop and get all the right supplies. They have champagne yeast, hydrometers, bubble traps, preservatives, and an assortment of malt, hops, (for beer), and wine grape concentrates. Remember, you are not buying alcohol. So, it is legal to purchase if you are a minor.

    If you plan to get into distilling, local laws vary. In the U.S., nobody has ever been prosecuted for using a still smaller than 5 gallons. Distilling is recognized as a legitimate hobby provided that your hooch is for family only in small batches. (Pro tip: methanol condenses a few degrees cooler than the ethanol. Be sure to throw away the first couple of tablespoons that come out of the still.)

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    • He's probably in a muslim country or underage. Me and my friends would make alcohol out of fruit juice when we were too young and no one would buy us alcohol.

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