3rd Wave Feminism not progressive

Is it normal I feel like the type of feminism we see nowadays is really no different than the systems it claims to be against.

The claims made are so emotional and over the top, and the view of men is so automaticly powerful in their theories of patriarchy.

Is this not a classic example of women bitching irrationally and men not taking it seriously. Then the woman calms down and that's the end of it.

I fail to see how there is any difference here. I don't think most feminists want society to change, they just want to complain and want to be listened to but simultaneously don't actually want their actions to have consequence.

They make sure everyone knows patriarchy is so powerful that at the end of the day their actions are more or less futile, which begs the question, why even participate in activism if not to blow off steam like I just illustrated.

It is analogous to someone sexually submissive begging to not be spanked but of course loving that they are not in control.

If you want to test my theory, try to actually reason with a feminist, and everything falls apart. They just want to yell at you and for their words to ultimately mean nothing.

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  • This conversation has been done to death at this point.

    No it's not progressive. These fat green-haired wannabe-androgyous tubs of lard, who are bitter because nobody asked to prom, look ridiculous when they nitpick about "microaggressions" within our culture and then actively defend real oppression of women in others. It's been pointed out, discussed and ridiculed to death and we've gone over it hundreds of times at this point.

    The best way to snap these women out of it is to just ignore them and go on with your life as normal. Don't deliberately provoke them unless they come for you first, but just be yourself. When proponents of ridiculous levels of political correctness realise nobody is having it, they'll eventually get the hint and shut up.

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  • Your anology is shit. Women do not enjoy living in an oppressive society. While the United States has equal rights for women, other places in the world do not. That makes sexism a very real problem. Not only that, but you've got a lot of people right here in the US who want women to have lesser rights again.

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    • I could be wrong but I belie e 3rd wave refers to within the United States/western countries

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      • That is true. I am not disagreeing with the OP's point against 3rd wave feminism, I was pointing out the sexist undertones that imply women somehow enjoy oppressive treatment but pretend not to.

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  • I think real feminism should be about helping women in the middle East and countries were they really are oppressed. Not about stupid stuff like manspreading or the debunked wage gap.

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