"is it normal to feel despair when you know you've all you wished?"

I'm a male of age 21.i am lucky enough to get everything I ever wanted.well enough in studies.have a social life,hangs with a lot of friends and some of them are besties too,have a love life.we talk about life,science politics etc.But I never let it undermine my very character or personality to level that world and people seems unimportant.Infact I think these world and it's beings not only human beings but all are so wonderful that I am very curious about them.but this feeling of constant despair always hangs around me and doesn't matter how bigger moment of occasion comes.i tend to feel about it and get serious.

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  • Yeah normal to think like this, shows that you care about what's happening around you. You're still young and you still got a long way to go, so buckle up!

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