"is it normal that i feel depressed always"

I noticed this feeling that has been eating me up lately.
I feel depressed every time I make a slight mistake or I'm being corrected in a harsh way or not doing what am supposed to do at the right time or anytime someone tells me something about my personal life playfully and its true.
Every minute I sit alone, I think of being better than my current self.
But now I realise it is affecting my self esteem and I am really surprised Cuz I know the kind person I am and my upbringing. The worst part is that I can't talk to anyone close about it Cuz I know they won't understand.

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  • Talk to your Dr. If you have one. If not try and find a county mental health clinic. Don't be embarrassed about it. So many of us adults deal with depression more than we want or will imagine. Getting on some meds for awhile can help get your serotonin levels and the gym back in sync. Many causes of depression can be traced to the bodies production of serotonin is out of sync or its down to low. Once some meds help get that regulated you will start to feel a lot better. I was on Prozac for almost 6 years. Don't be afraid to give it a try.

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  • It's not normal to feel depressed all the time, how long have you felt this way? Is there a history in your family of origin of invalidation and excessive criticism?

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