(girls) first kiss: better to ask "can i kiss you" or just to go for it?

Basically, I'm planning on trying to kiss this girl, and I want her to be as comfortable as possible.

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  • I think it's smoother not to ask verbally.
    Ask with body language and make sure you're getting certain kinds of body language "YES" answers back.

    Hard to put in words but just follow the "flow", ya know...like look into her eyes and if she's looking into yours with that look, you know it's time to go in for a kiss.

    Also cuddling...thats a thing... you can be almost absolutely sure that when you are cuddling, if you end up looking into each others eyes for a quick but slightly prolonged moment ... it's time for a kiss! Don't hesitate! Don't give a peck but don't go super slop either for round 1.1! Give a nice kiss retreat back a moment and if the mutual gravity is right, go in for slowly more gradually deeper more passionate kisses. If you do get to making out, don't forget to bite her lip a little here and their.

    all an all you gotta feel out the vibe. I don't even like that word that much, "vibe",but it's true...their is a sort of vibe to where if you have any social skills at all you can usually kind of just pick up on that now is a good time for kissing.

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  • I personally love being asked for permission. It's a big turn off for me when someone is so attached to the idea of spontaneity that he can't communicate!

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    • Just out of curiosity, what about just a respectful kiss on the cheek? Would you rather he ask permission for that? I ask because I do that all the time.

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  • do what the first commnenter said, but dont make it awkward and do it passionately, if you get to that stage

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  • Depending on what your chances are in your estimation, you could subtly go for it and just what for a cue from her that she is averse to kissing.

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