27f vs 31m, time to settle

Brandon 35 here and I got my shit together recently. Happily proposed to my fiancée and we are looking forward to getting married towards the autumn. Now to the topic: when I broke the news on a family meeting, my sis (27) fired a missile towards my brother (31) that he gotta bark up and get his shit together too. He fired a missile back that she’s single too while salting that she has even less time than him since she’s a girl. I told both to shut the fuck up and relax, because both have 10 friggin years or more… Hot damn did the sibling squabble escalate. They are both young so what the frog are they on about? Either way, for science, pls vote: they insisted that I create a poll

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  • There are no rules for the proper time to settle down. Too often people are in too much of a hurry which is one reason for our high divorce rate.
    It's all personal preference.
    People getting married because they feel society says they should get married is a recipe for disaster. Live your life for you, not for what you think others think your life should be.

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  • Unquestionably women have a shorter time

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  • She has a shorter time to settle.

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  • Why settle when you can just adopt? you don't have to force yourself to be with someone.

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  • IF she wants children, she has less time to do so. But in no way should either of them "settle".

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  • Congratulations on your engagement.

    Are you talking in terms of having children? I’d say your sister has max 11 years and your brother about the same unless he doesn’t mind being an older dad.

    As someone else whose siblings are also dramatic and make everything about them I’m glad you can find the humour in them.

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  • They're getting kind of old to not have a kid. The one good thing about having a kid young is they can leave the house when you are still kind of young. Then you can enjoy your life without the responsibility of them. You can travel to other countries.

    A few girls had kids in my highschool and one of their kids is already about to finish highschool and go to college and the mom is only 32.

    If your brother have them now they arent starting college or leaving home until hes at the very least 51!

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