''erectile disfunction''

is it common in men
,if yes why

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  • No this is strictly a female affliction.

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    • what does it mean??

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  • Just take the dam blue pill and fuck for 4 hrs just saying!!!

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  • It must be, I sure as shit get a bunch of ads promoting cures.

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  • You gt old and take Heart Medicine and next thing you know it is the only part of you that is not stiff. Still works and still feels to jerk off and cum but not stiff enough for sex

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  • There are both psychological factors and physical factors.

    The physical factors often have to do with long term diet and health choices and issues. These can often be improved by long term change (eat healthier, exercise, etc.)

    There are a variety of ED drugs on the market that work for most ED physical issues (but watch the side effects).

    One thing that many people with severe ED forget is Testosterone levels. Excess Fat can kill your natural testosterone levels, and you may need Testosterone treatment to be able to make the ED drugs effective (although testosterone itself is rarely a pure fix to physical ED issues).

    I wish you well with this,

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  • Idk how I havent gotten it because I abused my body a lot. When I went to the methadone clinic they use to write people viagra because no one can get it up on methadone. I never needed it. I dont think I have high testosterone either. Maybe its genetic. Because a dude at work is way more ripped and in shape than me and he has issues with it. Always buying viagra from drivers.

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  • It should be easy enough for you to use Google to find official numbers on this, so I'm not going to bother.

    I'm sure that virtually every guy experiences it some time, sometimes just occasionally, sometimes very often. For some guys, it's a physical problem due to things not being right with the blood supply to the penis, the penis having been damaged or not having developed correctly, or problems with the part of the nervous system that allows erections to happen. But most often, the problem lies between their ears.

    The weird thing about how erections are produced is that an artery supplying the penis with blood has to _relax_, and allow more blood to be pumped into the spongy internal structure of the penis than the veins can quickly remove. Lots of things can make that artery remain restricted or close down once there is an erection, which makes the hard fade away. As any guy knows, erections aren't under our conscious control, but they are controlled by the primitive part of our brains that works on a sub-conscious level.

    If you're stressed, you're likely to have problems getting an erection. And in one of those supremely ironic twists, lots of guys feel very stressed when they really, really want to have sex with a particular person, so the more they want it, the more likely they are to stay limp. And once a guy does experience a failure of his erection, fear of it happening again the next time he's in a similar situation makes it more likely exactly that will occur, so he can get stuck in a vicious circle.

    If a guy regularly wakes up with morning wood and if he can get a solid, sustained erection during masturbation, there's clearly nothing physically wrong with his penis. If he does experience erectile dysfunction when he's with the partner of his choice and in a setting he's comfortable in, then that strongly suggests there's something psychological cock-blocking him.

    I've experienced erectile dysfunction twice. The first time was just before I had sex for the first time. The second time was more than thirty years later during my first sexual encounter following the death of my wife. As far as the conscious part of my brain was concerned, I found the woman extremely attractive and I really wanted to have sex, but I just stayed floppy, no matter what she or I did. From what I read later, this is apparently pretty common with widowers. Prior to our next date, I bought some Cialis, and that did the trick. Once I'd successfully had sex, I was back to normal and didn't need the pills any longer.

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  • This occurs when the person finds it hard to get an erection and that it's difficult to keep an erection. Therefore in conclusion it's quite common for men to get an erectile dysfunction.

    Though with what I have read there are treatments for this they can include with a variety of things such as certain medicines, penis pumps, lifestyle changes and etc.

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