40 is past prime

I watch a lot of fight sports and it always seems 40 is the age where you are no longer in your prime. You'll see many people fighting good at 37 or 38 but it always seems like 40 is that magic number where over night they move like they need WD40.

Some people can last to 43 but 40 is around the time that its all over if youre in fight sports.

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  • There is physical prime... and there is mental prime.

    There are very few mega millionaires or above based on their physical prime.

    The mega millionaires and above are all based on their mental prime. I'd suggest that its well past 60 for most people.

    So if you want to impact the world and have the best financial success... That most often occurs with people who are way past their 40's

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    • Yeah I should have been more specific when I said prime. I agree with that.

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  • General prime doesn't have an age limit imo but for most sports the majority of people have the most stamina in their 20s. Obviously older than that can also have equal stamina but it's more common in younger that's why most sports average ages are 20s because they seem to have more energy overall. You can still have tons of energy over 40 too and maybe even more than the 20 somethings but naturally people have the most in their 20s.

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  • I have no opinion on sports. I've seen enough 40 year old chiefs kick my ass in physical tests to not question age as a deciding factor in general fitness. Sure the kneecaps are crappier than my own but they can still beat my ass whenever it came to an activity that doesnt require them to sit and stand repeatedly.

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