26 had to move back in with parents

Had to move back in with parents because everything fell apart I'm annoyed because it's difficult now to find a new place to live at.

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  • Don't worry, I'm probably going to be moving in with your parents sometime soon too

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  • When I was 22 I had to move back in with my step parents for a few months. They are hard to get along with so needless to say, the situation sucked a ginormous cock.

    Hopefully the OP is able to get along with the parents.

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  • There's nothing wrong with that.
    It's more common than you think that people that age still live with their parents, wether they haven't moved yet or they had to move back.
    Not everyone's the same and there's different reasons for peoples living conditions therefore people shouldn't judge and if they do - ignore them.

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  • My bf is 30 and lives with his mom due to his ex wife and his mom getting sick. Shit happens man. It's cool.

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  • Same here

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  • Not that uncommon in this day and age. There are people your age who have never even left home thanks to insane city rent prices.

    Be grateful that your parents can support you during this difficult time and use this as a chance to connect with them, ask them about their younger years, learn how to make your mum’s famous lasagne. With so much emphasis on independence I feel western society under-values the time we spend with our parents as adults.

    Also look to the future, remember if you managed to move out once you can do it again.

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