21 asian female and i keep a tape measure in my purse when i go out

When guys I don't like start hitting on me I take it out and slowly pull the tape. Usually they just walk away once I get past a few inches because it's mostly Asian men that hit on me. When the guy take it out of my hand and quickly pull it to 9inches or above, I know who I am going home with. It saves a lot of annoying conversations. Is this normal?

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  • So you're trusting them to pull the tape measure out to their accurate dick size?

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    • Sort of but it's mostly that they're assertive enough to take it and take control. Lesser men get intimidated and walk away.

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  • So many trolls on this site it’s not worth trying to get any advice here...

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  • In some weird way I find this extremely sexy!!! Do you sing to them before they leave the song "don't wanna a short sick man"!??😁😁😁

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  • I just start picking nose.

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